The Secrets to Publishing Success (Jane's 2009 Tough Love Guide)

Above: Jane looks at you expectantly with the tough-love stare. Don’t disappoint her.

This past year, I’ve posted a ton of information on how you can

(1) ensure your work is the best it can possibly be
(2) build an audience and create demand for your work
(3) take advantage of technology to push your career forward

At the Editor Intensive last weekend, I found myself referencing numerous blog posts I’d made, and thought it was time to compile what I’d consider the “guide” for 2009 on how to succeed in the new publishing landscape (because the industry ain’t what it used to be).

This is a perfect reference guide for anyone who’s attended the Intensive and wants a refresher—or an excellent accelerated course for anyone who hasn’t.

I would love your feedback on what topics you’d like covered in more detail in the coming months!

P.S. Reviewing these, I clearly like the number 5.


Editing and Revising

The First Five Minutes: How Editors Evaluate Your Manuscript

Avoiding Red-Flag Mistakes on Your First Page

Secrets of Great Storytelling (Particularly for Memoirists)

5 Common Flaws in Memoir Projects

Not All Books Need to Be Well-Written to Sell

Your Protagonist Must Have a Goal (by guest Jim Adam)

Hiring a Professional Editor vs. Getting Amateur Critiques

The Golden Rule About Nonfiction Books

Querying / Submitting

Persistence Doesn’t Matter If You Make This Common Mistake

5 Questions to Ask Yourself After Hearing: We Can’t Sell Enough to Justify Publishing It

5 Elements of Query Letters

The Art of Live Pitching: 3 Rules

Audience Development / Platform Building

The Hardest Part About Developing Platform

The Four Stages of Marketing & Promotion

5 Questions for Those Who Don’t Have Time to Market/Promote

Hard-Core Tactics for Authors Developing Audience

Fiction Writers Need Platforms, Too

Online Audience Building

Hey, Writers: What’s Your Online Strategy? What Are You Waiting For?

Make Waves Online to Create a Path to Print Publication

Should Your Book Really Be a Book? How About a Website First?

What Does It Take for a Blog to Become a Book?

Should You Blog? And If So, What Are Best Practices?

How Writers Can Start Blogging in a Meaningful Way

The Benefits of Blogging (Especially for Unpublished Writers)

The Essential Components of an (Unpublished) Author’s Website

How Twitter Is Helpful for Aspiring Writers

Figuring Out Your Facebook Strategy: 3 Essential Tips

Indie Publishing

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing (Sort of)

My Big Rant on Self-Publishing

Big Picture

5 Ways Writers & Book Publishers Need to Embrace Change NOW

Are You Ready to Be a Bestselling Author? Then Listen to Alec Baldwin

That Unquantifiable Factor That Helps You Get Published and Succeed

Read My Writing and Tell Me What to Do

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0 thoughts on “The Secrets to Publishing Success (Jane's 2009 Tough Love Guide)

  1. Holly Bowne

    Wow, I just discovered your blog and you really have a lot of helpful stuff here! I especially liked all the info about blogging & social networking for unpublished authors. Thanks for this great post; you’ve created a wonderful "guide"!

  2. Jane Friedman

    @Katie — Wow, I haven’t seen that issue of UE magazine yet! So glad they mentioned my blog. I want to steal your comment above as my tagline: "Ridiculously helpful." 😀

    And thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I endeavor to keep being helpful.

  3. Katie

    Hi! Today in the mail I got the latest issue of UE Magazine, and in it there’s a little blurb about you and this blog, so I decided to check it out — and I have to say this seems kind of ridiculously helpful. And what good timing for the first post I read to be this one! So I just wanted to say thank you, from a fellow UE grad!

  4. Rachel Connor

    Thank you. This is a wonderfully generous and incredibly useful post. It’s all good, but the post on pitching live is especially pertinent to me, as I face a panel in less than two weeks and am just about to begin preparation for that. What a great resource!


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