The Future of Publishing: Enigma Variations

Today marks the long-anticipated release of The Future of Publishing: Enigma Variations!

It is now available as an e-book (PDF only) for $1.99. It’s packed with 39 pages of juicy predictions.

To get a taste of what’s in store, read this Q&A I did with Christina Katz on the future of publishing.

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5 thoughts on “The Future of Publishing: Enigma Variations

  1. Joanna Penn

    Hi Jane, I would love to read your book!
    But alas, only US citizens can buy books from Scribd, despite the fact these are digital products. I have written to them but they didn’t reply and it looks like they only focus on the US market.
    So, please could you put the book on Kindle or as a PDF through e-junkie or something similar? I’d love to read it, and so would many other non-US people.

    Thanks so much, Joanna


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