NOT: How Can I Make Money? INSTEAD: How Can I Serve?

My colleague Amy Schell recently shared Seth Godin’s interview with the people over at Harper Studio. A couple wonderful snippets:

If everything is free, how is anyone going to make any money?

First, the market and the internet don’t care if you make money. That’s important to say. You have no right to make money from every development in media, and the humility that comes from approaching the market that way matters. It’s not “how can the market make me money” it’s “how can I do things for this market.” Because generally, when you do something for an audience, they repay you.

What’s the most important lesson the book publishing industry can learn from the music industry?
The market doesn’t care a whit about maintaining your industry. … you can decide to hassle your readers (oh, I mean your customers) and you can decide that a book on a Kindle SHOULD cost $15 because it replaces a $15 book, and if you do, we (the readers) will just walk away. Or, you could say, “if books on the Kindle were $1, perhaps we could create a vast audience of people who buy books like candy, all the time, and read more and don’t pirate stuff cause it’s convenient and cheap…”

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0 thoughts on “NOT: How Can I Make Money? INSTEAD: How Can I Serve?

  1. Tim Bennett

    Hi and I loved the comment you made about the industry not caring if you made money or not.

    I never really thought about that before. I guess the only person that really cares is me. We all care about ourselves. So I guess one of the ways to turn this around to our advantage is to help other people make money and the knock on effect should be that we do also.

    I just thought this was a great thought and it made me reflect today.

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