New Tools for Entrepreneurial Writers

I received a great tip today from Christina Katz, making me aware of

It’s a lovely (paid) online education community for becoming more technologically savvy and capable in virtually every area of media and software. Lynda offers about 1,000 unique courses; the curriculum is based on video and exercise files.

Here are a few courses that just about ANY writer could benefit from:

The nice thing about is that you sign up for a monthly ($25) or annual ($250) subscription to access ALL courses. Go check it out.

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2 thoughts on “New Tools for Entrepreneurial Writers

  1. John Overman

    You’re right! Lynda is a terrific resource for "virtually every area of media and software." As an English teacher responsible for teaching video production, I use for Adobe CS5 training. A music teacher I know uses it for Pro Tools. Google docs is next on my list. I hope your readers take advantage of this great resource.


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