New Tools: Create a Book From Your Site or Blog Content

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Anthologize is a free software that was just released as part of a nonprofit initiative called One Week | One Tool. It’s very, very new—it hasn’t even reached 1.0 stage yet. But it’s worth experimenting with now!

What is Anthologize?
Anthologize is a plug-in that works with WordPress sites to generate books from site/blog content.

Who can use Anthologize?
You need a website that uses WordPress as a content management system (version 3.0). Your site must be self-hosted—meaning you can’t use this kind of advanced plug-in with a free blog.

What kind of book do I end up with?
Your book is outputted in PDF, epub, or TEI format.

What content will it pull? How do I assemble the content or edit it?
You decide what content to use. You can pull any posts from your own blog, import feeds from other sites (be respectful of copyright, OK?), or create the content inside Anthologize. Then you organize, edit, and further craft it into the final e-book version within Anthologize before exporting.

What are the potential uses for this?
Unlimited. Anthologize offers some ideas here, including:

  • Publish conference proceedings
  • Collaborate on a project with other writers/bloggers/educators
  • Create student portfolios of work
  • Organize lecture notes and supplements into a course packet
  • Produce a chapbook of poetry
  • Publish a family history

Feeling like you’re a fan already? Anthologize offers free stickers.

Go forth and experiment! (Since this plug-in is very new, be sure to read about known issues before installing it.)

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3 thoughts on “New Tools: Create a Book From Your Site or Blog Content

  1. Siddhartha Herdegen

    Thanks for the heads up on this new tool.

    I’ve also seen this type of service for hosted blogs on TypePad, WordPress and Blogger called Blog2Book:

    The process seems pretty straightforward, just type in your URL and date range and it creates a book using photos and text laid out as it is on the site. You can choose to not include specific posts if you want.

    I haven’t used it to print a book but it will compile a free preview so you can see what it will look like for free. I think the cost of printing the book is about $50 for 100 pages.


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