New In-Depth Interview With Me at Writer Unboxed

Last Friday, part 1 of an interview with me went live over at Writer Unboxed. Here’s a quick snippet:

Overall, social media tools—and I use that term broadly, to include
all types of person-to-person interaction online—have driven
transparency and opportunities to communicate with and reach a very
distinctive and unique audience. Who’s to say that these things are
antithetical to authorship, or to book marketing, when they simply
weren’t possible or practical behaviors before?

I’d argue: What’s important to book marketing and authorship has not changed,
but tools are now available that allow a natural behavior to be more
readily expressed—which is the ability for an author to reach and engage
with his audience. Most authors have always been interested in this
interaction. Of course, this becomes a very philosophical conversation
very quickly, because I know some authors distinctly want to avoid
contact with readers.

Go read the full interview, and be on the lookout for part 2 later this week.

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