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You’ve probably noticed I’ve been making liberal use of guest bloggers during the new year. That’s because I’m busy cooking up new content at Writer’s Digest, but I’ll soon return to more tough-love posts for writers!

For now, I do want to share some exciting news & cool stuff that I think you’ll enjoy.

How to Get a Book Deal While Avoiding the Slush Pile
This is my guest post over at Writer Unboxed, discussing the so-called “death of the slush pile” as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The Future of Agents & Book Contracts
While attending Digital Book World, I covered the three panels featuring literary agents and publishers. Check out these recaps—essential reading for both aspiring writers and already-published authors.

Free Webinars on Publishing Industry
Speaking of Digital Book World, every week Guy Gonzalez hosts a roundtable discussion on industry news. Go and educate yourself—for free!

For those who need a little bit of lower level advice, mark your calendars for the next free Q&A webinar with Writer’s Digest editors: May 13 at 1p EST. The event fills up within hours of opening registration; subscribe to our e-newsletter to be among the first to know when you can sign up.

Paid Services on
For the first time ever, we’ve created a section of that is absolutely free for everyone to use: Paid Services. This section includes our editorially vetted listings on competitions/contests, events, and organizations, plus we’re also now gathering new listings on self-publishing services, professional editorial services, educational programs, and software. This area is still new and growing, but go check it out and let us know what you think.

2010 Writer’s Digest Editors’ Intensives
If you’re looking for professional feedback on your work, we’ve now set the dates for our intensives this year: March 13-14 and September 11-12. Find out more here. Or read Darrelyn Saloom’s post on the event here.

VIP Program
You might recall my excitement about the launch of this program in fall 2009. Now I’m proud to announce it’s available internationally. VIP is by far one of the best deals Writer’s Digest has ever offered. Go check it out.

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0 thoughts on “My Exciting News at Writer's Digest

  1. Joel Friedlander

    Jane, I think the Paid Services listing is a terrific idea. The biggest problem people have hiring contractors online is the uncertainty about exactly who you’re dealing with. Having providers "vetted" by WD is a huge advantage.

    I notice that your list is so far limited to editorial and web design services, and I wonder if you will expand into other book-related areas (yes, like book design & production) for people pursuing different paths to publication.


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