Listen to Full Audio of AWP Social Media Panel

As you can probably tell—due to lack of Best Tweets—I am still catching up from being away at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference.

BUT—I have some wonderful things to share with you related to the event. (My own insights will come later in the week.)

1. Full audio of the social media panel I moderated
Thanks to Caleb J. Ross, you can listen in on ALL 75 minutes of the social media panel with rock stars Dan Blank, Bethanne Patrick, Christina Katz, Tanya Egan Gibson—and Caleb. Click here to go listen!

2. Read a recap of my transmedia panel from Fiction Writers Review.
This is from the perspective of interns at the University of Michigan. Click here to read. (The picture above shows me moderating the panel, taken by the Fiction Writers Review.)

3. Panelist Christina Katz has 2 valuable follow-up posts that you must read. The first one is How to Get Beyond “Using Social Media” and Become a Social Artist Instead, and also valuable: How to Use Social Media (includes a critical slide I showed during the panel).

4. Another one of my panelists, Dan Blank, has just opened up an online class for authors on building platform. If this is something you’ve been meaning to tackle seriously in the coming year, I highly recommend Dan as your teacher. Check out the course.

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One thought on “Listen to Full Audio of AWP Social Media Panel

  1. Kristin Berkey-Abbott

    I went to both your social networking and the transmedia panels, both excellent, and I’m still pondering all you covered in the Transmedia one (one of my favorites of all the sessions I saw). Thanks so much for putting them together! I look forward to exploring the resources here.


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