How to Start a Successful Newsletter

Next week, I’m teaching an online class on how to start a successful e-mail newsletter. This is a topic I’ve covered here at No Rules before, but this class will allow me to show you in-depth how to get started, discuss strategies, and go behind the scenes with free services so you see how they work.

For some of my previous advice on this blog:

Some of the best advice elsewhere:

Here’s what you’ll learn in my session. The best part is that there’s opportunity for Q&A, and any questions not answered during the session get answered afterward via e-mail.

  • How and why to start building an e-mail list today even if you think you have nothing to say
  • How to start sending an e-mail newsletter for free, at no cost to you
  • What the major e-mail contact services are, and how to start using them
  • 3 different types of content strategies for your e-mail newsletter
  • Biggest do’s and don’ts for newsletters that get opened, read and shared
  • What kind of frequency you ought to maintain
  • What is perceived as “spammy” or annoying—and how to avoid any practices that would categorize your e-mails as spam
  • How to gauge the success of your newsletters; how to test and improve them over time

For more information & to register, sign up here.

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