How to Create Free Video Tutorials

This past week, I’ve been in a tech workshop for faculty at the University of Cincinnati.
(Yes, even I need to broaden and sharpen my skills!)

So I’ll be sharing some of the more interesting tools and tricks I learned here at

The first tool that I love is Jing. Jing
takes a picture or a video of what you see on your screen, e.g.:

  • Basic screen grabs—plus you can edit, annotate and mark up screen grabs
  • Record what you’re doing on your screen (while narrating!)

If you’re an instructor, speaker, or expert of any kind, you’ll probably find Jing
invaluable for its teaching and demo applications.

Here’s a quick example of a VERY basic tutorial I did for my writing students on signing
up for a WordPress blog. (You can
also watch this on Jing by clicking here.)

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

What are a few possibilities for this tool?

  • Tutorials or demos
  • Narrate a series of images or photos (book trailer, anyone?)
  • Critiques

Whenever it’s more effective to SHOW, rather than tell through words, consider Jing.
Or, sometimes it’s easier to talk through a process (or a critique) rather than writing
it out.

Since Jing is free for basic funtionality, you have nothing to lose by experimenting!
(Below is a screen capture from the Nyan
Cat video
that I’ve annotated.)

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5 thoughts on “How to Create Free Video Tutorials

  1. alexsam

    Amazing post about creating a free video that is helpful to everyone, but as you share the as well as trick also that is work when is it applied? For net lot of information available like explainer videos, video, storytelling and many more I think students use more rather than others.


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