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Hard-Core Tactics for Authors Developing Audience

Categories: Build a Platform & Start Blogging, Building Readership, Digitization & New Technology, Marketing & Self-Promotion.

My previous post was a pre-answer to the following question (which appeared in the comments of this other post):

Thank you for the webinar, which gave me some ideas where to begin to increase my visibility and improve my website. I have published two history/biography books. I get comments from publishers saying “a valuable book that should be published, but we cannot sell enough to justify taking it.” I think I now have some tools and directions to take to increase interest in my books. Do you have any more specific suggestions for this type of book?

Questions like these are tough to answer. It’s really about:

  • Where is your target audience/readership active?
  • Are you active in those same places and do you have the credibility/authority with that audience today—or how do you get there?
  • How can you provide value/benefit to this audience beyond just your book?

Authors can sometimes get fixated on how to market and promote a book (once they have one), which of course is necessary if you’re trying to make a living off your writing, but it’s tough (and counterproductive) to be constantly selling. It’s better to be constantly serving, which leads to genuine interest in you as an expert/authority, and interest in your work.

Fortunately, for nonfiction authors, there can be literally thousands of approaches or ways to twist your idea, depending on time of year, current events, evergreen questions/dilemmas, or serendipitous exchanges.

Check out some of the links below to help you get started.

Time to get busy reading!

Photo credit: Jot.Punkt

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