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Google has recently opened up its Google Voice service to everyone. This is primarily a FREE service.

What is Google Voice? You can read about it & watch a tutorial here, but essentially, it allows you to have a new phone number (a new one that you choose through Google) that is not tied to any one device, carrier, or location. It always stays the same once you choose it.

When you give this Google phone number to other people, you can set it up to forward to one or more other phone numbers, or go to a specific voice mail box based on who is calling.

(Of course, you can also use Google Voice as a way to make free U.S. phone calls and text message for free, but that’s not the purpose of this post for writers—though writers who make a ton of phone calls & send buckets of texts may want to consider the cost benefits here.)

So, uses for writers?

  • Google Voice instantly transcribes voice messages! That means: You can record conversations (get permission first), and get an instant transcription (though maybe not word perfect).
  • If you frequently record audio “notes to self,” and later have to transcribe them—or would like a way to organize and save them on your computer—Google Voice is going to be your best friend.
  • Google Voice can store, send, and share voice mail messages indefinitely, and offers you a way to organize and tag them away from a specific phone.
  • You can have calls routed to any line, route specific types of calls to voicemail, offer personalized greetings, screen your messages, and easily conference.
  • Excellent privacy control—no one has to know your “real” number. But you can also set up Google Voice features with one of your existing phone numbers.

Now, if this sounds a lot like Skype to you … yes! But for everyday folks, Skype isn’t the household name that Google is. Plus Google’s controls are intuitive and probably easily integrated into whatever else you’re doing online (e.g., Gmail or Google Docs).

For my part, I’ve thought about the possibility of using my Google Voice number as a way to have open office hours (or a hotline!) for the writing community. So, for instance, at certain times of the month, I can open it up, but I never need to worry about people calling the number at other, unapproved times—because it doesn’t have to ring my real number unless I want it to.

What uses can you envision? Or do you already use it? Share your experiences!

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7 thoughts on “Google Voice for Writers

  1. Jenn Mattern

    I’ve been using Google Voice for quite a while now, and I love it. But as someone else mentioned, the transcription aspect is still quite bad. It’s nice that you’ll get an email to (sort of) preview the voicemail before you have to login and listen to it. Sometimes it’s so offbase though that it’s kind of funny, kind of frustrating.

    I haven’t used the call recording in a while, but that was one of the most appealing features to me. The problem (unless they’ve since changed things) is that you can’t record calls you make. So you can’t call an interview source and record it. You have to make them call you — slightly less convenient, but doable nonetheless.

    The privacy aspect alone when you work from home can’t be beat though, and there are plenty of fun features to play with, for writers and others. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth West

    Ah this is great. I use a prepaid cell phone as my business line (if I end up with a freaky caller, I can ditch it with no problem) but then I’d have to let everyone else know that my number changed, enter in a new contact list, etc. I really wanted something separate. I’m going to look into this.

  3. Carol J. Alexander

    This is sooo cool! I was just sharing a business idea with my husband the other day that we were dismissing because of the issue of keeping our phone private. Now, I’m going to present it to him again.
    As for how to use it in my writing…I’m not quite there, but am glad to know about it.
    Thanks a bunch!

  4. P.S. Jones

    Ok, I’ve been using GV since they introduced beta and I love the service. It does call recording by pressing 4 during the call so you don’t have to use speakerphone and a digital recorder again for an interview. It also has a mobile app that puts the service on your phone. I use a Droid and it integrates so well, that I basically have two phone numbers on one handset. It also saves every voicemail you ever get if you want it to. I once pulled up a voicemail from six months prior to prove that a client didn’t mention something to me that he swore he did.

    But I do have to tell you that the transcription service sucks. It’s almost always way off.


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