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Future of Publishing Round Up

Categories: Digitization & New Technology, Fun, General, Industry News & Trends, Interviews.

Okay, this is the last dedicated round-up (at least for a while) on the future of publishing!

My e-book imagines 14 different futures of publishing. You can read variations #1 and #3 for free here.

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One Response to Future of Publishing Round Up

  1. Hello Jane —

    I happened upon your blog while surfing the net. I like the topic "Future of Publishing…". Having an interest in Edwardian topics, I launched a website devoted to the stage actress – Edna May. ( http://www.ednamay.net)
    This year, I have self-published a book on Edna titled "Edna May – Superstar". I am optimistic about my future in publishing, as this is the first book I have written and published. Before we reach out to others for help and inspiration…lets reach out to ourselves and we may find that there is an emerging author ready to create.

    All the best

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