Free Online PDF Guides: Online Marketing

Today Alice Pope & I gave a webinar on how
authors/writers can effectively market and promote online. (Thanks to
everyone who joined us today!)

For webinar attendees as well as
those who didn’t join us, I’d like to share the following resources
that are useful for both beginners and advanced writers.

Penguin Authors Guide to Online Marketing:
A free 60+ page PDF guide that helps you get online and get noticed, with
info about purchasing domain names, setting up a new site, and using
third-party sites.

Get Content. Get Customers:
This is a site based on a book by the same name. You can get the table
of contents and first chapter free as a PDF document. I didn’t get a
chance to expand on this topic during the webinar today, but this is a good starting point for learning how to deliver relevant and valuable information
that, according to the book’s subtitle, “turns prospects into buyers.”

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0 thoughts on “Free Online PDF Guides: Online Marketing

  1. Joseph C. Abdo

    Thank you for the webinar, which gave me some ideas where to begin to increase my visibility and improve my website. I have published two history/biography books. I get comments from publishers saying "a valuable book that should be published, but we cannot sell enough to justify taking it." I think I now have some tools and directions to take to increase interest in my books. Do you have any more specific suggestions for this type of book?


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