BUT I Can't Curl Up With an E-Book in Bed (and Other Fake Arguments Against the Future)

Can you dramatically and meaningfully improve your life overnight with one purchase?

I did.

I am now on Day 11 of my New Improved Life With iPhone.

I used to poo-poo all-in-one mobile devices. My thinking was that if I wanted to take a picture, I wanted my camera. If I wanted to read e-mail or surf the web, I wanted my laptop. If I wanted to listen to music, … etc.

I don’t know where this inane thinking came from. Perhaps I can be forgiven, because at that time no device like the iPhone existed.

I have also been skeptical of e-book devices and reading on mobiles, despite the trends that I see in the rest of the world (primarily Japan). I used to trot out the same cliches as everyone else: you can’t curl up with an e-book, you can’t flip through it easily or take notes, or my favorite, “there’s just something about the feel of paper.”

Well, let me tell you, there’s just something about the feel of an iPhone, and I keep it within arm’s reach when I sleep. (In fact, The Conductor asked me last night, as I climbed into bed, if I had properly tucked in my iPhone. Indeed I had!)

Here’s an example of all the ways I used my iPhone this past Saturday, when I day-tripped to see a friend in Jeffersonville, Ind.:

  • Woke up to the alarm I had set
  • Text-messaged with my friend to confirm arrival time
  • Input my destination address into iPhone, to get live GPS directions
  • Played music and podcasts through hook-up in car
  • Played music through friend’s stereo system, and also just from the device
  • Had my picture taken in Jeffersonville and e-mailed it (see below)
  • Checked e-mail

During this trip, I could have also:

  • Taken phone calls obviously, but I don’t like talking on the phone
  • Checked and made additions to my work/personal calendar
  • Used instant messaging systems like AIM
  • Updated my Facebook or Twitter status
  • Posted to my blog
  • Read an e-book
  • Caught up on my Google Reader feeds
  • Played more cowbell (see here)
  • Found the best place to have dinner and a drink in Jeffersonville

Do I read in bed with my iPhone? Absolutely.
Will people read digital books in bed? Of course.

Will print books continue? Yes, but I tend to agree with Seth Godin on his proclamation that books will become souvenirs.

So I want to know: Who else cuddles with their iPhone?

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0 thoughts on “BUT I Can't Curl Up With an E-Book in Bed (and Other Fake Arguments Against the Future)

  1. Robert Brewer

    This is a much better sales pitch than the commercial with the Feist song (which actually prompted me to buy the Feist album instead of an iPhone).

  2. Cathy

    I don’t cuddle with technology–yet. However, I once read an entire romance novel on my computer screen. I find myself reading more on the computer, which used to really annoy me. Now, I just get tired of sitting in one place.

    Cuddling with technology is the next step, when my budget allows. Oprah’s show where she endorsed the Kindle held me spellbound, Having all her titles organized alphabetically looked like a dream for someone who can’t keep track of the books they own. I was envious when she downloaded books from the Internet in seconds. Patience has never been my forte.

    Thanks for sharing your day with your iPod with us. Best wishes for a cozy future! 🙂

  3. Becky Levine

    Okay, while selfishly I really want to see my critique book end up as an e-book, I just am not ready to go there for my own reading. (How backwards is that?!) I’m sure it has to do with my age–gak! and my aging eyes, but I do still want that physical feel of a paperback in my hand–in bed, on the couch, in the tub.

    Souvenirs? I could weep. But I know I won’t. If that’s the future, I’ll be there–going with whatever lets me keep up the reading addiction. And, see, I DO like to talk on phones–so if I could do both at the same time…hmmmm! Trying to move forward with the times. 🙂


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