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Best Resources for Successful Writers of the Future

Categories: Blogging, Blogging for Writers, Build a Platform & Start Blogging, Building Readership, Conferences/Events, Digitization & New Technology, Freelance Writer, Article Writing, General, Getting Published, Industry News & Trends, Marketing & Self-Promotion.

Today I gave an online class on how writers can succeed in an ever-shifting publishing landscape. To help those students—as well as all of you—I’m providing what I consider the most helpful information sources that offer forward-thinking views for people trying to stay ahead of the curve.

These sites should help ensure your successful career, no matter what the fate of traditional publishing and media … although it may be like turning on a firehose if you start reading all these sites at once.

The future of media/publishing (news, trends, opinions)

Marketing, community building, audience development

Write better (or blog better) for online sites and audiences

Live up to your full potential and/or offer a better product/experience

Stay up-to-date on the tech world

The book you need

Author presences (or models) to check out

Would you prefer a curated version of all this?

Follow my shared items in Google Reader. I read these sites and share only the articles that I find most helpful or significant.

Have your own resources to share?
Let’s see them in the comments! I’m always discovering new things and love to forage for
different perspectives.

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2 Responses to Best Resources for Successful Writers of the Future

  1. Thanks very much for this cool set of links, next time I’m going to make sure I catch your online podcast. Best wishes for your career.

  2. SarahR says:

    M.J. Rose’s book Buzz your Book and her class of the same name as well as her service AuthorBuzz are missing from this list. She’s really the one who started authors going online and working on their own books and Writer’s Digest has written a lot about her.

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