Back from Alaska Round-Up (3 Tips)

I just returned from my 1-week
adventure in Alaska. It is certainly the most foreign place I’ve ever
been within the United States. You can check out photos here.

Here are 3 tips for your Alaska adventure:

  1. One glacier experience is probably enough to satiate your curiosity about glaciers.
  2. You haven’t experienced Alaska unless you take advantage of the
    ubiquitous bush air services. Air is the most efficient form of
    transportation to and within the state; most towns do not have road or
    highway access, and that includes the state capital of Juneau.
  3. Weather is extremely changeable. Think Gore-Tex.

And here are 3 tips on exciting stuff at Writer’s Digest that I wasn’t able to mention last week since I was completely off the grid (e.g., inside a glacier moulin, as pictured above).

Instant Publishing how-to class (Sep 17)
one of my last conference workshops, I made the comment that with tools
today, you can instantly publish yourself. One writer piped up,
“Instant Publishing! I want a book on that topic!” In lieu of a book,
I’m teaching a class on Thursday, Sept. 17 that gives you a tour of
sites that provide instant publishing capabilities (free, very little
or no tech experience required). I’ll discuss how and when to make your
content free, when to charge, and how to evaluate your success. The
class fee is $79, with an opportunity for live Q&A. Click here for
more info and a link to register.

8 Tips for Writers on Digital Change in Publishing (WD Conference)
big NYC event on Sept 18-20 is only a couple weeks away. If you’ve been on the fence
about it, be sure to check out our very affordable 1-day registration options. You can get
an excellent preview of Mike Shatzkin’s keynote, “What do you tell a writer about
digital change in publishing?” over at his blog. Even if you are not going to the event, don’t miss his 8 tips.

New MFA Confidential blog
launched this week! Check out our newest addition to the Writer’s
Digest blog family by Kate Monahan, a 2nd year MFA student at The New
School University in downtown New York City. One of her first posts is about 6 lessons learned during her first year.

More wonderful stuff still to come this week, including a guest post tomorrow by Darrelyn Saloom.

Below: A view of the Hubbard Glacier.

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0 thoughts on “Back from Alaska Round-Up (3 Tips)

  1. Robin Mizell

    If I didn’t know how hard you work, I’d say you’re having way too much fun, Jane.

    One aspiring and two best-selling authors recently reminded me to publicly acknowledge the people whose upbeat attitudes inspire the rest of us. That’s why I mentioned There Are No Rules on my blog today.

    See you in Denver at the AWP conference, if not before!


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