A Time of Immense Change—For You, For Me, For Everyone

Today was my first full day of orientation as a professor teaching e-media at the University of Cincinnati-CCM. (The CCM Village is pictured above—at a very early hour!)

Overwhelming doesn’t quite begin to describe the experience.

But I know with each day, it will get easier. And as I gain experience and grow more confident, I’ll try new things and experiment.

This is exactly what I told a group of writers over the weekend, at the Writer’s Digest Editors’ Intensive, as I showed them emerging online tools and strategies for building their audience.

In the new world of publishing and authorship, having a direct connection to your readership is power, and one of the best ways to build those connections is through new media.

I talk more about this issue in a video chat with Dan Blank, “How Digital Media Empowers Writers.” (Click here to play the chat.)

Later this week, I’ll be focusing on one important method for connecting to your audience: your blog or site. Click here to read more about my online class, “Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging.”

It took me 12-18 months before I really hit my stride with this blog, There Are No Rules. Unfortunately, most writers give up before they’ve put in a year’s worth of consistent effort.

Among other things, my session will talk about how to find the motivation and material to sustain yourself, for the long haul, to keep up a meaningful blog (and it doesn’t need to be a “big” blog to be meaningful).

So, if you enjoy the chat above, I think you’ll really enjoy my focused class on blogging, tailored for writers.

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4 thoughts on “A Time of Immense Change—For You, For Me, For Everyone

  1. Sara Wieck

    Jane, I so appreciate your passion and knowledge. Your willingness and ability to share are huge blessings. I’m disappointed to miss your webinar on blogging due to commitments…the chat with Dan Blank and recent articles have been a big help though! Thanks!


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