5 Tips for Your Writing Career in a Difficult Time

Over at Writers on the Rise, I’m interviewed about the changes happening in the media industry. Here’s a brief snippet, but click the link for the 5 tips:

Writers must be involved with online life and expect to provide online
content, and have an online presence. I’d say your career will come to
an abrupt halt in a few years if you’re not willing to participate,
market, promote, or engage in online activities and audiences.

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0 thoughts on “5 Tips for Your Writing Career in a Difficult Time

  1. Lisa

    I’ve actually seen an uptick in my business in the past six months, and most of it has been corporate clients or online web media. While many regional magazines are still enjoying healthy advertising budgets, I do expect that those sources will begin to feel the pinch as well, so you are right – building an online presence is essential.


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