5 Articles You Should've Read Over the Summer

I share many publishing-related articles via Facebook and Twitter (and through Best Tweets), but I know many of you aren’t involved in those networks.

So, I’d like to highlight 5 articles that I think every writer should have read over the summer.

  1. Where Will Bookstores Be 5 Years From Now? by the always insightful Mike Shatzkin. Why you should read it: To better understand the challenges now facing the publishing community and what the future looks like.
  2. After 15 Years of Practice … by Derek Sivers. Why you should read it: To understand the importance of practice, patience, persistence.
  3. Barnes & Noble Review: Clay Shirky interview. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s critical to understanding the dynamics now at play in all of media/publishing.
  4. The Line Between Book and Internet Will Disappear by Hugh McGuire. Why you should read it: To stretch your thinking and ideas about what a “book” is.
  5. 4 Ways Not to Reek of Desperation by Mitch Joel. Why you should read it: To learn how to empower yourself without waiting for someone else to approve/validate your work.

And a bonus for anyone interested in self-publishing:

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2 thoughts on “5 Articles You Should've Read Over the Summer

  1. Lynnda Ell

    Thanks, Jane, for bringing these six articles to my attention. I especially found the interview with Clay Sharky and the article by Hugh McGuire thought provoking. If Clay is correct and publishing is the new literacy, then those who learn to use technology to publish "iBooks" (instead of eBooks) will be the new literati. I wonder what that will look like…



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