WD Editor Intensives in 2009 (Registration Open for March)

After our successful debut of the WD Editors’ Intensive in December 2008, we’ve decided to make it a quarterly event.

This event is unique because:

  • It’s run at Writer’s Digest headquarters in Cincinnati
  • It’s run by Writer’s Digest editors, whose primary objective is to help you succeed in your writing career
  • Everyone receives a WD editor’s critique of the first 50 pages of your manuscript, plus a 30-minute appt. with that editor

This event focuses on getting you and your manuscript ready for publication, and we concentrate on giving you concrete next steps, e.g., should you revise further, are you ready to query, do you have a marketable concept?

Because our staff and our offices are rather small, we cap attendance at 50 people, so it’s a very personalized event, and part of what delighted us with December’s group is the amount of networking and camaraderie that developed among the writers who spent the weekend with us. I can guarantee you’ll make some new friends if you attend.

You can find more info here, as well as links to register.

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0 thoughts on “WD Editor Intensives in 2009 (Registration Open for March)

  1. Jane Friedman

    It sounds like you’re looking for a ghostwriter. Is that accurate? Usually the best way to find a ghostwriter is to ask other writers or professioanls for recommendations, through community/social networking sites like LinkedIn.com, Twitter, or major writing forums (either at AbsoluteWrite.com or WritersDigest.com).

    Hope that helps.

  2. Todd Olson

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