Help Us Name Our 2009 Writing Event

I’ve been working with the F+W events division to concept a new writing conference in 2009 that will focus on helping writers/authors get their work published, marketed, promoted—and ultimately sold—in an industry that’s changing by the day. At this conference, we plan on offering educational sessions that will be helpful to both traditionally published authors as well as self-published authors, since the work required on the front-end AND the back-end is becoming much the same. (For example, F+W no longer has a traditional publicity or marketing department, and no publicists.)

The WD staff is split down the middle when it comes to the following options. Which one appeals to you, and why? Do you have an even better idea? Send me your feedback, or leave a comment.

Writer’s Digest University: New Approaches to the Business of Authorship
People seem to like this one because it’s short, snappy, and the main title (Writer’s Digest University) can be used for many types of events, should we choose to launch more.

Writer’s Digest Publishing University: New Approaches to the Business of Authorship
Others like adding the word “Publishing” in the key title since, without it, the conference could be construed as very craft-oriented, plus “publishing” is a big objective for most writers.

Other favored subtitles included:

  • New Approaches [or Paths?] to Successful Publishing
  • New Approaches [or Paths?] to Successful Authorship

There doesn’t seem to be any agreement on whether “authorship” is a word that will catch the attention of writers/authors, and there’s not a clear favorite between “paths” and “approaches.”

As for myself, I think the word “business” seems a little frightening for someone who’s new to the industry, but maybe this conference is really suited for the person who already understands that it takes a business mindset to be successful as an author, and is ready to get to work.


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0 thoughts on “Help Us Name Our 2009 Writing Event

  1. Elaine Klonicki

    Writer’s Digest University is cool; authorship is terrible. And I like Tricia’s subtitle: "Everything a Writer Needs to Know About the Business of Publishing" That makes it abundantly clear that you are talking to writers.

    So, Writer’s Digest University: Everything a Writer Needs to Know About the Business of Publishing

  2. Nettie Hartsock

    I love that you’re asking for all of us to chip in ideas! Great blogging!

    I like "New Avenues in the Business of Publishing: Take the journey to future publishing success.

    Sounds like it will be a wonderful conference!

  3. Melody Platz

    Of the two I like: Writer’s Digest Publishing University: New Approaches to the Business of Authorship

    The other choice felt generic, but when you throw in the word publishing, I sit up and take notice. I am all about the business of publishing. : )

  4. Becky Levine

    I like just Writer’s Digest University without the Publishing; whenever I heard something like that, I think it’s all past the point where a book gets accepted–i.e., after you’ve sold it.

    Not crazy about authorship either. Maybe something like: New Perspectives on the Craft and Business of Writing? If you’re talking about revision (and critiquing!) at all, as part of the process, then I think Craft is appropriate, but we all want to hear more about what we can do to get ourselves out there, to GET our books published and how we can be marketing them.

  5. Tricia Sanders

    Ummmm, publishing sounds like something a new publisher would be interested in attending, not a writer. And authorship sounds like you’re going to offer classes to teach them writing skills.

    How about something like "New Approaches to Publishing from the Writer’s Perspective"

    Or I like the word Perspective better than Path or Approaches.

    "New Perspectives in Publishing for Writers"


    "New Perspectives in the Business of Publishing for Writers"


    "A Writer’s Guide to New Perspectives in the Business of Publishing"

    or "Everything a Writer Needs to Know about the Business of Publishing"

  6. Nina Amir

    I would suggest this name: Writer’s Digest University: New Approaches to the Business of Publishing. I didn’t really like the world "authorship." Publishing encompasses a huge array of things, like articles, essays, books, ebooks, podcasts, newsletters, ezines, etc. All of these publishing avenues have become important to authors wanting to become published today. It allows for the true business of getting published, which involves building a platform online and off (if you want to write books), promoting yourself and your books, handling contracts and fees, websites, online sales,and a host of other thing.

    By the way, I’d love to have you write a guest blog for Write Nonfiction in November 2008(, my writing challenge for those writers not interested in National Novel Writing Month. Might you be interested? Last year I blogged alone; this year I’m looking for guest bloggers to lend their expertise to the challenge.

  7. Suzanne Johnson

    I really dislike the word "authorship." It sounds too much like corporate jargon. Why not just say what it is: Writer’s Digest University: New Approaches to Successful Publishing.


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