Have You Checked Out WD’s 101 Best Websites for Writers?

While our 101 lists inevitably include some regulars, we’re always on the hunt for worthy newcomers, too. These three sites were among our favorite newbies this year, and give you an idea of the info you’ll find on our 101 Best Websites for Writers list.

Manuscript Wish List

mswl-101websitesThe home base of Twitter’s Manuscript Wish List (#MSWL) hashtag, this site expanded widely in 2017, now offering an easy-to-search database of agents and editors, each with a dedicated bio page detailing what they’re seeking, how to submit, and a roundup of every single #MSWL tweet they’ve made. Fans of audio advice should check out the Manuscript Academy Podcast.


Literary Hub

literaryhub-101Managed by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature, this eclectic site offers literary-themed think pieces, book excerpts, news and more. The daily e-newsletters earn a welcome spot in inboxes everywhere by curating the “best of the literary internet” from more than 200 sources, including The Paris Review, The New York Times, NPR, Big Five publishers, PEN America and more.


Tethered by Letters


An international literary nonprofit, Tethered by Letters has multiple unique programs that foster a thriving online community. Among the offerings: the Celebrity Mentor Program, where renowned authors—think Isaac Marion (Warm Bodies) and Scott O’Connor (Untouchable)–spend a week answering reader questions on the forums, and Dually Noted, a project allowing writers from around the world to collaborate on stories via weekly installments. For editing, querying, publishing and agent advice, the Writing Resource Center and Editing Program, where staff editors review submitted work for free, prove most valuable.


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