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Bug-Out Bags for Writers

Categories: Fun, There Are No Rules Blog by the Editors of Writer's Digest, What's New Tags: Bug-Out Bags for Writers, Humor & Comedy Writing, Zachary Petit.

As we all know from watching shows like Doomsday Preppers, you’ve got to be ready to get out of dodge fast if things hit the fan. So what should a writer have in their bug-out bag? Whether you’re escaping the zombie apocalypse or just fleeing to a cabin for a weekend to finish your work on deadline, here’s everything a writer needs (arranged by genre). Good luck.


Literary/Mainstream Fiction Scribes

Notebook, pen, ramen, bottle of wine

Notebook, pen, ramen, bottle of wine



Notebook, pen, ramen, two bottles of wine

Notebook, pen, ramen, two bottles of wine

Mystery/Crime Novelists

Notebook, pen, ramen, red herrings

Romance Novelists


Notebook, pen, ramen, chocolate syrup


Thriller Writers

Notebook, pen, ramen, framed photo of Lee Child

Notebook, pen, ramen, framed photo of the awesome Lee Child for inspiration


Horror Writers


Notebook, pen, ramen, Michael Myers knife


Sci-Fi Writers

Notebook, pen, ramen, lightsaber

Notebook, pen, ramen, lightsaber


YA Writers

Notebook, pen, ramen, cell phone with keypad

Notebook, pen, ramen, cell phone with keypad



Notebook, pen, ramen, bindle stick

Notebook, pen, ramen, bindle stick


Erotica Scribes

Notebook, pen, ramen, --

Notebook, pen, ramen, –



Nothing -- hey, no power means no blogging.

Nothing — unless your post-apocalyptic bunker has wi-fi.


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10 Responses to Bug-Out Bags for Writers

  1. pmettert says:

    I think all of these, except perhaps YA, should include some kind of booze. And tea for the mornings. I mean the hard-boiled writers should have whiskey. And I would want bellinis and other nice mixed drinks. And lots more snacks. And almost ANYTHING but Ramen. I’d starve to death. And there’d be some kind of story.

  2. musovich says:

    additional for erotica writers… bra!

  3. tourmeline says:

    Fantasy writer:
    * electronic notebook
    * rechargeable printer
    * solar charger
    * portable wind charger
    * lots of booze

  4. Jesikah2 says:

    what about fantasy writers?

  5. Hum, red wine with chicken Romen noodles? Maybe the red wine was for after drinking the white with the noodles ;) Also, only one pen and one comp book? Guess these are serious writers, I’d burn through those in a weekend…

  6. Also Ran says:

    Screw It. I’m too lazy. Pass me the Kool Aid.

  7. RosemaryJayne says:

    I think you’re going to need a bigger notebook… ;)

  8. Leloni Tabbyra says:

    What, no coffee?

    Still, very amusing. Thank you for the giggle.

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