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Today, Alice Pope & I taught an online class on using social media to help you succeed in publishing. During the class, I asked my Twitter followers to share their best tip for using Twitter. Here’s a compilation of those tips. My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute.

Design and follow a strategy.

Be generous w/ others. RT, reply, interact, build a community. Must give to receive.

Be helpful, be real, and *have fun.* Always mix business with pleasure at twitter–it makes your tweets irresistible.

Be yourself … unless you’re a salesperson. Also, be helpful and curious.

Watch what @glecharles does.

Don’t be intimidated to approach people. Set up columns for subjects of interest in hootsuite, tweetdeck, etc.

Join the writer chats that occur every week. Meet people, share ideas, ask questions!

Don’t boast. Don’t endlessly RT. Offer info, insight & laffs.

Don’t just post quotes and retweets. Start a conversation! It’s like an ongoing cocktail party on Twitter 🙂

Always provide a link to useful information on your topic.

Do not tweet about your private life. No one, including your fans, is interested.

Talk about more than yourself. Be social and not just a self marketer.

Best tip for writers on using Twitter? Don’t talk about your book. 😉

Make it funny, pithy or intriguing.  Never dull or irrelevant.

Use twitter to establish yourself as an authority/expert on a topic. Send links & comment!

Remember you do not know where your tweet will go. Not in the end. Be respectful and intelligent. With humor. 🙂

You can use Twitter for anything –> excerpts, promotion, networking, ideas, links to resources. Just get creative with it.

Twitter is a good exercise in creativity and word choice. “How can I say this in 140 characters without using abbreviations?”

Keep tweets to 120 or fewer characters to allow room for RTs by others.

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