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Help Me Choose New Tweeps to Follow

Categories: Best of Twitter.

This spring will mark the one-year anniversary for Best Tweets for Writers. From the start, I have used a combination of serendipity and RSS feeds/searches (viewed in Google Reader) to curate each week’s list.

While I think I follow some of the most helpful folks on Twitter, I know I see only a small part of the writing universe.

So, I’m looking for your help:

  • Who most consistently offers the best writing advice on Twitter?
  • Who is most likely to share links that are helpful in your writing life?
  • Who creates meaning in your Twitterstream instead of noise?

I’m looking to add at least 5 new people to my Best Tweets for Writers List.

How to nominate:

  • Comment on this blog post—be sure to include Twitter handle of person you are nominating and an example of a recent Tweet


  • Give me a shout-out on Twitter with the Twitter handle of the person you’d like to nominate

I’ll announce the additions in my next installment of Best Tweets.

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8 Responses to Help Me Choose New Tweeps to Follow

  1. AudryT says:

    MitaliPerkins, because she cares about diversity in writing. Justinelavaworm, because she sparks writer-related conversations worth having. Literaticat, because she is an education unto herself about agents and the publishing process. EllenHopkinsYA, because she’ll keep you on top of bias, bans, and book censorship. NicolePeeler, because when she is not talking about writing or writing excellent reviews, she is quoting poetry. And RKCharron, because you will never miss a "book birthday."

    From other continents & time zones, I recommend Book2Book summaries of publishing news, TheBookseller for the same, SuzanneCollier for publishing advice to writers, CarolBlake for her incredible knowledge about everything publishing.

    There are more, but I’ll stop there.

  2. Pierre Bradette says:

    I would recommend @writeononline. She’s a great resource and fun too!

    She regularly features articles and author interviews covering fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, etc.

    Recent articles/links:

    – Post a Question for Katherine Fugate, "Army Wives," "Valentines Day:" http://www.storylink.com/discussiontopic?discussion_topic_id=2437
    – Author Q&A w/wardrobe stylist @KamiGray, “The Denim Diet" Healthy lifestyle tips, plus her journey to author. http://bit.ly/cs7Qr0
    – In honor of Oscar nom day, Author Q&A: w/casting director Bonnie Gillespie"Self Management for Actors" http://bit.ly/cLRpOW

    Focuses a lot on screenwriter community..references StoryLink.com.

    I get a lot from following her and visiting her site regularly.

  3. I’d like to nominate Lia Keyes (@LiaKeyes) Not only is she an amazing writer, she has the ability to bring other writers together through her writer’s networking site Scribblerati (http://liakeyes.ning.com/).

    Scribblerati has an ongoing live writer chat as well as groups that feature writing workshops, critiques, weekly write-a-thons. Lia also hosts a weekly twitter chat @scribechat. This is one busy, dedicated writer chick!

  4. Darrelyn Saloom says:

    Would like to nominate @CPatrickSchulze for his ongoing lessons for writers in his tweets and his blog.

  5. Jenn says:

    Id like to nominate srjohannes she does tweets (and a blog) on marketing advice for authors

  6. Can I nominate three people please? Hope that’s OK (Bit greedy, I know… ;-) ! They are:








  7. Jared says:

    I nominate http://www.twitter.com/crazycrimes

    Julia Hunter created this Twitter account for authors who write crime, because sometimes reality is better than fiction. She hopes the posts help inspire crime writers also has followers who just enjoy the chuckle.

    This is not an interactive account – followers simply get one crazy crime a day. Here’s a few examples:

    TENN – Trooper put unruly DUI suspect in dog crate to transport to jail. http://short.to/167jo

    FL – Car burglar stuns and handcuffs himself with items stolen from police cruiser. http://short.to/13yj8

    MOSCOW- Hackers upload porn flick to a video billboard near the Kremlin, causing traffic jam. http://bit.ly/4WOO2o

    China – Man arrested for bigamy after his 2 wives discover each other via social networking site. http://short.to/11ju9

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