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Best of Best

Why is your hook so important? @ColleenLindsay explains

How to tell when it’s time to set aside a beloved manuscript.

10 Mistakes Authors Make that Can Cost them a Fortune (and how to avoid them)

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Helpful suggestions for submitting a requested full/partial via email

Why your writing should do the talking in a query letter

What the term “high concept” means, and why it’s important

Don’t broadcast your rejections

The query shark takes another bite

Craft & Technique

You *don’t* have to write every day

Why You Should Shoot Adverbs on Sight

Building Character: Know More Than Your Reader

Writing a sex scene that won’t make your readers cringe. Don’t be shy now.

Looks and personality—how they can affect life for our characters

What should you cut from your scene?

Writing Online Book Reviews

The Difference Between Mysteries, Suspense and Thrillers


News & Trends

The last laugh: If self-published authors owned the midlist from Alan Rinzler

Very smart piece by Tim Ferriss on “How Authors Really Make Money” and supposed “Death of Traditional Publishing”


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

What’s your small, local plan for promoting your book (hint: “Get on Oprah” is not “small and local”)

Can Writers Market Themselves Without Making Eyes Roll?

How to Monetize “Free”

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

ISBNs Don’t Matter As Much As You Probably Think They Do, But You Might Want To Start Owning Your Own Anyway

Blogging & Websites

Excellent tips & insights on author blogging from @AlexanderChee

How to Grow Traffic to Your Blog

Understanding, Accepting and Learning to Love Your Small Blog

How To Feature On The Most Influential Websites In The World

How I Generated Over 6,000 Ideas to Write About on My Blog in 15 Minutes

Online Tools & Resources

Free (for now) tool for tracking book sales

How to Get the Most from an Online Writing Class

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

Poignant Steve Almond piece @The_Rumpus on storytelling and writers’ ambitions

Must A Novelist Begin With Short Stories? If you want to write novels, write novels.

“Part of becoming a writer has been: being honest about what I like, what I enjoy, what moves me.”
Justin Kramon


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