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Best of Best

Advice Writing Memoir: writing could be brilliant & your life amazing & still manuscript gets rejected. Why?

Action and problems: two writing terms that confuse

Economics of the average bookstore event

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Is idea or execution more important? [Why it’s misguided to think agents will steal your ideas]

When persistence becomes a vice

An editor tells why she might reject the novel your critique group loved


If you wonder why agents don’t give more specific info on what they’re looking for, read this!

Craft & Technique

Kurt Vonnegut explains drama

“In real life they happen all the time. In novels coincidences usually look like lazy storytelling.

6 Tips for Writing an Epistolary Novel

It’s not about the writer, but the writing, even when drawing on painful experiences

Tell vs Show: Showing takes info in telling, expands it into interesting story w/dramatic elements.

5 Ways to Make Your Novel Unforgettable


News & Trends

Books are now no longer ‘things’, they’re experience conjured out of thin air by @justinemusk


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

5 tips to get big exposure for your book through book touring

How To Sell A Book? Good, Old Word Of Mouth (NPR)

8 Tips on Starting Your Own Grass-Roots Campaign For Your Book

An agent on whether authors should do their own marketing

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Book Design with Microsoft Word: The Art of @MoriahJovan. Prepare to be blown away

Blogging & Websites

The Ultimate Blog Checklist

How to Grow a Following With Other People’s Popular Content
(great concept!)

7 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Readability

How to be Transparent without Being too Personal

Social Media & Twitter

How small steps can make you a published writer & social media ninja

Online Tools & Resources

Free dictation app for writers; dictate your notes, emails, posts or novel straight to smartphone

Writer’s Idea Bank for iGoogle: With each refresh, generate a paragraph of prose imagery

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

The well is deep. Trust it. Trust the source.

The danger of letting dreams become expectations

Other Link Roundups

Best Articles This Week for Writers 9/17


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