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Best of Best

How to deal with contradictory query advice

How I evaluate full manuscripts [an agent’s view]

Editor @VictoriaMixon’s advice for new writers: Don’t read crap. It may influence your writing

Behind the scenes at a publishing committee meeting

Great Reminders for Writers from the Movie “Julie & Julia”

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Having trouble pinpointing your novel’s genre? Some links to help

Lit agent @RachelleGardner on whether or not to use a pen name

Everything you always wanted to know about sell-throughs: A wonderfully detailed post by agent Denise Little

Craft & Technique

Use backstory to create mysteries and conflicts, not to explain them

The key, game-changing element that every good scene needs

What do readers want? Change, threats, questions and answers


Agree To Disagree: The Key To Constant Conflict

One of @storyfix’s critiques, reproduced with the permission of a very courageous author

Opening pages must show nature/conflict of story, make reader care for protagonist

Describing a Character’s Physical Features

Rewriting: The Subplot Pass


News & Trends

Rumours and realities: the future of publishing. Write It Forward, a new blog by author Bob Mayer


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

“I’ve had events and the authors were just terrible speakers. So, there’s no sale there.” (Word of mouth is critical.)

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

No-pain guide to preparing your book for Smashwords or Kindle

How To Publish Your Book On Kindle And iPad

Blogging & Websites

10 Ways to Create a Better “About Page” for Your Blog

Social Media & Twitter

Writer’s Guide to Twitter

Do Tweets Equal Sales?

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

“Although main focus is supposed to be writing, the interviews [in @parisreview] always get very personal.”

John Steinbeck’s advice to beginning writers


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