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Best of Best

Having a freezer pop + reading Jenny Crusie’s post about turning points

Samantha Ettus (@samanthaettus) interviews Larry Kirshbaum and Jane Friedman on the state of the publishing industry

A good post from an agent highlighting the difference between ‘crafting’ and ‘writing’ a novel

An agent offers some thoughts on the ‘reality of royalties’. Makes interesting reading

Stand Alone

The best writers benefit from editing; the less-accomplished require it. -John E. McIntyre

Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed. RAY BRADBURY

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Fiction proposals Q&A with an agent

Book ’em, Dano – Ten fully arrest-able query gaffs

How to write a simple, compelling query letter

Do You Run Your Writing As A Business? Pub Rants (If you’re serious about it, it IS a business.)

A great examination of Authonomy and what it does and doesn’t do (editor’s note: Authonomy has led to book deals, contrary to article’s author)

Not sure what type of article to pitch to magazines? Here are 11 types of feature articles

Craft & Technique

Helpful writing tips from a former journalist

Fiction writers: Here are few tips and tricks to writing strong, believable dialogue.

This blog post offers a good little guide to ‘plotting’ a novel

Why you should embrace your editor’s revision ideas

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

Interesting piece by a bookseller on the complex issue of returns (comments are interesting too)

Nice post looking at the breakdown of costs when selling a book

What does it say about publishing if it cant sustain a trade publication (Publishers Weekly)?

Will the spirit of Billy Mays #savepublishing? [GREAT article by @RonHogan!

Declining Editing Staff Leads to Rise in Errors

The ISBN is Dead. (At least maybe in its current form)

@chipmacgregor on the Google Settlement and why it is a good thing for authors

More Bits of Destruction for the Publishing business (recommend reading all three parts)


Win a $1300 book marketing prize package from top book marketing experts in the business

The 10 New Rules of PR (you must think like your targets, be found, motivate action)

Reflections on a blog book tour by @AlanBaxter

40 Writer Uses for LinkedIn

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

WSJ on Four Options for Creating Your Own Recipe Book


How to Build Compelling Content By Leaving Readers Wanting More

How To Think About Your Blog Like A TV Programmer (smart tips for promoting w/o being obnoxious)

Twitter on Twitter

How Twitter works and why people in publishing should consider using it  (practical, hype-free tips)

The Writing Life / Philosophical / Inspirational

13 Tips for Actually Getting Some Writing Done

The Unsung Villains of Writing

How to increase your influence 10x

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