Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 8/6/10)

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Best of Best

Why are ‘badly written’ books successful? by agent @nathanbransford

You know who’s got a good eye for where publishing is headed? @glecharles, and he proves it.

Going to a writer conference? The talks to walk out of
by @victoriamixon

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

14 Reasons Your Manuscript Got Rejected Before Page 1

How To Create A One-pager [for pitching]

After 54 Agents Said No: James King’s First Novel, and “Bill Warrington’s Last Chance”

What the heck is steampunk?

When you buy books, do you look at who published them or who wrote them?

Craft & Technique

Micro-level Revision Tips

“Most people who publish feel they stopped one draft too soon.” Thomas S Kane
Source of quote

Why a bad day makes for a good story

Is “Write What You Know” a good rule? Donald Maass & Natalie Goldberg go head-to-head

Some Tips for Writing a Series of Books

“Tragedy, for me, is not a conflict between right & wrong, but between two different kinds of right.” Peter Shaffer

Theme is the muscle of your story. How to work it


News & Trends

How authors can make (better) living by selling more than books (LA Times)

Are the days of the full-time novelist numbered? SF novelist Robert J. Sawyer says a decade is left

What is an “enhanced” e-book edition? Or what *should* it be? Great advice from novelist @jchutchins


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

Top 3 Lessons from ‘Get Known Before The Book Deal’

BookTour’s “How To Promote Your Book” series continues today. Part II: “It’s Who You Know”

Great article from the Huffington Post on what motivates readers to buy books

Social Media / Twitter

Can you tweet your way to a bestseller?

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Smashwords founder admits: Tough to make $$ in self-pub biz b/c vast majority of indie author books don’t sell

ISBN for Self-Publishers: 20 Answers to Your Questions. What you need to know, in 5 minutes

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

2010 Social Networking Map – LOVE this! Fun visual representation of social media world

The Secret to Being Lucky

What your friends know about your writing that you didn’t, apparently.


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