Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 8/21/09)

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welcome suggestions on improving this weekly feature.

Note: A bit shorter list this week, as I leave for vacation tomorrow—and next
week’s roundup might be a little later than usual.

Best of Best

7 Reasons Why Your Manuscript Got Rejected


Interesting post about the publishing industry — the
books that get published


Interview with creative writing instructor Robert McKee


Good advice for ebook authors trying to establish their
niche market


Stand Alone

If you’re not yet published, you cannot sell a novel based on a proposal.
It must be complete.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

What Agents Hate: Literary Reps vent about
their Chapter 1 turn-offs


Good advice from an agent about what you should do before
you sign


Craft & Technique

How to cut your manuscript by 20% by

Great post about how to tighten your manuscript 
– essential reading

To Rewrite or Not to Rewrite? That is the Flowchart.


A TON of novel writing advice from Crawford Kilian


Lawrence Block on writing: Just write: might not change
lives, but might get somebody through a bad time.
Great story

20 rules for writing detective stories – S.S. Van
Dine, 1928. One of those “Oh yes of course” articles!

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

Why free ebooks should be part of the writing
by @doctorow Worry about obscurity, not piracy

Nice to see a literary agent telling it like it is about
publisher outrage regarding the Google Book Search settlement



Good article on marketing for writers
for weekly
. Credit goes to @gregpincus


Great article from a writer looking to find out more about
‘writer platforms’


How will the future of books impact marketing? Agent
@chipmacgregor answers

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Financial Post: “Self-publishing becoming
an attractive business model”



Excellent post from publisher Michael Hyatt on how
to blog successfully


Twitter / Social Media

Here are
7 Twitter people every author should follow


100 Useful Twitter Feeds for Book Lovers


100 Twitter feeds to help you sharpen your writing skills!

[Writer’s Digest makes the list]

The social media sites, rated for networking value by

Resources and Tools

ScreenJelly is quick & easy screencasting
for the masses.
Check it out & think of the potential uses. (Thnx to @LaurieP)


Digital Tools for Writers


The Writing Life / Philosophical / Inspirational

Mark Charan Newton: “Some Interesting Things
I Never Knew About Being A #Writer”


For weekend: RT @kylejameson @lydiabreakfast

I’m in love


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