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Best of Best

The myth of “just an author”: it’s not true today and I doubt it ever was

Amazing insight on easily overlooked mistakes writers make (from Pat Holt)

Why “self-publishing” doesn’t mean anything anymore. Enter “cloud-publishing”?

The 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing (useful for authors too!)

Considering writing your first book? 5 tips before you start

Stand Alone

Please don’t refer me to your website or attachment for your sample pages. I won’t read. Put them in the body of the email.

Be widely read in your genre. Seriously–it shows when you aren’t.

Main reason I say NO to queries is the story & the writing don’t impress. Problem is the book, not the query.

Authors: putting “requested material” on your envelope doesn’t fool me, OK?

Please. No more follow-up questions and/or angry e-mails after queries. Please. Please please please

Editing tip of the day. Cut mundane dialogue unless it has meaning, like characters’ awkwardness, tentativeness.

There’s no such thing as “mainstream”, just big and small niches. Profitable publishing comes from knowing where your niche is.

You’d be amazed at how quickly an experienced editor or agent can assess your writing skill. Often, 1 paragraph.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

How to create a pitch for your story

WHEN NO BECOMES YES: YA Author’s candid story

Questions to ask yourself before seeking publication: What’s my category/genre? (via @moonrat)

Here’s some good advice about the real role of an agent

What not to say in your query via agent @RachelleGardner
(hard truth)

Friends/family or God telling you to write a book? Don’t put it in yourr query!

Good advice from an agent. My favourite: Q: The number one reason for rejecting a book? A: Because it isn’t very good.

When agents stop reading your query letter

If you’re unpublished, it’s too soon to have a breakout novel. You need a break-in novel.

On writing/publishing blogs — I love because it’s funny. Thank Thor.

Craft & Technique

Why your story isn’t getting published by @bhurley

Three Key Questions to Ramp Up Your Story’s Mojo

Avoid stating the obvious

Good post for fiction writers on how to identify dragging narrative

An editor offers some good advice on using powerful verbs in your writing

Here’s something to think about when creating characters: birth order

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

Explosive ebook growth continues and that means big strategic challenges are just around the corner.

The Eleven Axioms of 21st Century Book Publishing (“A book’s function dictates its file container.”)

“Let’s face it –  the whole chain bookstore, publishing house, agent, author thing is bankrupt.” Huff Post

If you haven’t read it, anyone working in bookselling or book publishing (and likely any author) should think about this

Sell 7000 copies and you are a literary success (via @moonrat)

Article Writing Isn’t Dead (via @thewritermama)

Steampunk: What it is, why I came to like it, and why I think it’ll stick around


“No matter who your editor is… the best, most passionate promoter of a book is going to be its author.

27 ways to breathe life into your ‘about’ page

Interesting article discussing the power of videos in selling your book [by a veteran of NY publishing]

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Authors are brands: @eoinpurcell blogs that self-publishing attracts star authors, too

Covey: 2 months from a manuscript to self-pub book vs. a year with a traditional publisher

Wall Street Journal: No Agent? Publish Yourself Video

Enjoying this a lot » How to Write a Good eBook – You Know, the Kind that Doesn’t Suck


Seriously, not just for librarians: 100 Terrific Tips & Tools for Blogging Librarians

The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging

6 Secrets to Writing Memorable Taglines

26 Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog (via @mashable)

Twitter / Social Media

My tips for social networking in 15 minutes a day

5 Reasons Every Book Editor Should Be on Twitter

Google Reader is one of the four primary social media tools every writer should be using

Love @zephoria’s rant about study saying 40% of twitter is “pointless babble.” She notes, you could say same of talking

Resources and Tools

Free novel-writing software – a review

The Basic Grammar eBook: free if you subscribe to feed

Comprehensive book publishing glossary

85 Resources for Fiction Writing

Great list of 15 Must-Read Blogs for Writers, from @UrbanMuseWriter

The Writing Life / Philosophical / Inspirational

Writers: Don’t rely upon publication for career satisfaction. Advice from Anne Lamott

toni morrison on writing today

Learning from one of the world’s most popular writers: Quips & Tips From J.K. Rowling

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