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Best of Best

Secrets To Successfully Marketing Fiction

If you haven’t read @booksquare on the future of print yet, hop to it, folks.

How To Make Money on Ebooks (JA Konrath)

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Writing a Picture Book Query


& Technique

The true key to compelling action scenes, by Donald Maass

Project! The Art of Voice in Fiction

Helpful link roundup for memoir writers

Have you read author Rebbie Macintyre’s post about Donald
Maass and dark protags?



News & Trends

Publishing is the new literacy says @cshirky

Salon Talks to @cshirky about his new book and much else. Can the internet save the book?


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

How to Write a Social Media Press Release

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

What Does Distribution Really Mean for Self-Publishers?

Competition among ebook readers heats up – learn how to make your book available on ebook readers

Writing Life & Fun Stuff

The Top 5 Websites To
Spark Your Creativity



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