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Best of Best

Today’s writing must-read: a literary agent on word count – #pubtip via @bubblecow via @bjmuntain

One agent (@BookEndsJessica) muses on the impact of the recession on the publishing world

The pros and cons of hiring a professional publicist

Wicked Clever Writing Advice from @mlvalentine – Looking for Publishing Advice? Why Offline Might be Better

Online tools to help you publish your own book from @techradar

Stand Alone

If you don’t have publishing credits, don’t say so. No need to draw attention. That you finished a novel is enough.

Querying a novel starting with a dream sequence is almost a guaranteed pass.

When you bemoan lack of quality in publishing, do you realize you’re biting the hand that may someday feed you?

Don’t tell me your book targets young adults and adults. that’s rare. who does it target more–where should it go in the store

If ms takes more than 5pp to hook me, it’s not going to hook an editor. Don’t say it gets good after first 50pp.”

Narrative nonfiction definition: nonfiction that illuminates through story (memoir, history, true crime, etc.)

Most FREE advocates and “Print is dead” pundits have no skin in the game; self-promoters with no responsibility for revenue or employees.

Distribution is primary value-add a publisher offers. Everything else is available to writers w/o an intermediary.

Authors: you do not have to account for *every* *single* *step* in a character action – reader will fill in basic blanks.

WRITING THE BLOCKBUSTER NOVEL: Zuckerman advocates Follett’s method of “illuminating 1 character’s interior in any given scene or chapter.”

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Exclusives STINK!

Getting the Call = what happens when the editor say YES!

This post contains six of the best tips for writers you may ever read (from agent @RachelleGardner)

What I Wish I Had Known Before Writing My First Book

Craft & Technique

Self-Editing One Step at a Time: How to Identify Dragging Narrative

In it for the long haul—writing series do’s and don’ts

How to keep your characters’ dialogue internally consistent

3 tips to make your writing exciting and irresistible at the sentence level!

How to structure a story collection, by @bookfox

Publishing News/Trends & The Future of Publishing

Old Media, New Media and Where the Rubber Meets the Road” via @jafurtado (Smart, hype-free commentary.)

Quality Control: It Matters (for ebooks as well) via @booksquare

Cursor, my model for the future of [some] publishing, described in current Publishers Weekly feature story

Ira Glass: It’s a great time for journalism (It is. “Death” is for the lazy and uninspired.)


Great piece about authors & their readers on Twitter

5 steps to make your own author podcast

Great post on getting the most out of Linked In

Good tips from @ZimblerMiller on creating an effective online video

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Is Social Publishing simply Vanity Publishing 2.0?

My experience thus far with the Publetariat Vault

Self-publishing advice – Q&A interview


13 Idea-Starters for Stuck Bloggers (from @MichaelHyatt)

10 Cool WordPress Themes for Writers

Inspiration: 45 great blog taglines

Twitter on Twitter

For great posts on writing, wherever they might be found: @BubbleCow
(recommended by @motsjustes)

Online & Offline Resources/Tools

Lots of good writing and publishing links from @Le_Shack

Five Books to Help You Write a Memoir

18 Web Sites and Blogs That Will Improve Your Writing Skills

The Writing Life / Philosophical / Inspirational

Here’s a fine resource about value of good editors

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