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Best of Best

17 Reasons book manuscripts are rejected

Ten Marketing Questions Authors are Asking (excellent) via @chipmacgregor

The media comments on self-published books (via @MoriahJovan) [for everyone who wonders why the self-pub stigma continues]

Publishers will turn into sports teams, trading lists the way teams trade players. Another aspect of verticalization.

Do family businesses have some advantages over their competitors in our changing industry? I think so.

13 Lessons Learned Launching an eBook

Do Twitter and Blogs Really Drive Book Sales? (via @charabbott )

Stand Alone

Friday self-editing tip: make sure your dialogue is appropriate for characters given educational backgrounds, upbringing & context

When agents/editors refer to EDITING, they rarely mean typos & punctuation. Usually it’s more content/structure.

When you open your query with a question to which my answer is NO, you’ve pretty much killed it.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Ten things editors look for in non-fiction
(Or….collaborate with a big name!)

Great discussion about agents and eeking out a living as a novelist in the 21st century

More Thoughts on Re-Pitching Agents

Authors: 6 Other Things to Do with Your Book Idea (via @TSCB )

Literary agent @ChipMacGregor answers the really “Basic, Basic, Basic Questions” about getting published. Excellent!

Author’s job: come to the agent with a publishable book [get a trusted editor] from @RachelleGardner

PSA about vampires (what you should know if your novel has vampires, zombies, faeries, pixies, or Dick Cheney)

4 Other Ways to Get a Literary Agent

Craft & Technique

How to Write About Plights Without Falling Prey to “Plight Syndrome”

Starting sentences w/participles confusing the actual function of participles

THE secret to great writing: Show or tell

How music can help your writing

Ten Things to Help You with Titles

As an author, who should you be writing for? Chances are, your audience.

Finding plot and character inspiration from the Bible

Why Stories are the Writer’s Elemental Tool from @WriteToDone

Publishing News/Trends & The Future of Publishing

The rise of the e-book first, print book later publisher. The new e-book publishing landscape.

Mike Shatzkin’s smart, thoughtful look at the evolving role of literary agents

“‘Free’ is just a way to destroy your competitor, but it doesn’t make a business sustainable.” (writers: read this one)

If you read only one article this week/month, make sure it’s this one. [Is scientific publishing about to be disrupted?]

Martha Stewart web initiatives versus Penguin’s. There is emerging opportunity but Big 6 will miss it.

“It was highly edited, full of personality … Proof that you don’t need to have everything, just the right things.

@realjohngreen’s case for lower advances, higher royalties, and more frequent payments to authors

Publishers as judges of best Internet content?

Agents need to be more flexible on e-rights: Agents must be more flexible when selling

Michael Hyatt, the Tweeting CEO [of Thomas Nelson]

Great article if you haven’t seen it: Clive Thompson on the future of reading-not publishing-in a digital world.

Most newspapers will disappear in the next 5-10 years, along with the vast majority of websites and wannabe writers.

Proliferation of ebook devices, platforms, reader softwares, and retailers making you dizzy? It’s GREAT for publishers


Developing a Platform For Nonfiction Writers

Need help finding the perfect name for your author website? Here are 6 free tools to help.

10 Secrets of the Best Social Media Users

7 Ways to Build Your Author Brand Online by @MichaelHyatt

Marketing a Book @chrisbrogan starts marketing his

What is the purpose of a book cover? Seth Godin’s answer may surprise you

19 management chores for your online presence you COULD do every day by @chrisbrogan


I’m watching Tim Ferris video, “How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself.” It’s excellent.

Blog to Book: An Elegant Execution from The New Yorker

6 great lessons to blogging brought to you by Copyblogger & Winnie the Pooh

Jennifer Fulwiler guest posts on agent @RachelleGardner ‘s blog: How to Build Traffic on Your Blog.

Awesome demonstration of blogging authentically

E-books and e-publishing

How to Write an Ebook that Sells in 2009 by Copyblogger

So you want to write an ebook? 30 tips for success
(via @dmscott)


Ready to get your book into bookstores? Here are some great tips (via Publishers Weekly)

Self publishing carnival of great links (Thanks @BryceBeattie )

Twitter on Twitter

Mashable compares 19 different Twitter apps. It includes ratings and the “hit feature” for each

Twitter directory of industry people you might want to follow [very good and manageable list of agents, editors, publishers]

Online & Offline Resources/Tools

Just discovered “Smashing Magazine.” Check out their “50 Free Resources to Improve Your Writing Skills

50+ writer uses for twitter

Authors who share

Here’s something to bookmark on your iPhone: iKnow’s 100 Best Reference Tools for your iPhone

Ten Books for Mothers Who Write

The Writing Life / Philosophical

11 Types of Bad Writing Advice RT @paperbackjack: Everything you know is wrong

The Full-Time Writing Life: If It Doesn’t Kill You 1st, It’ll Kill You 2nd

10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds from Julia Cameron’s Writing Diet 

Steve Almond explains why he never says no to ANY writing assignment. No matter what.


10 Ways to Take a Bad Author Photo

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