Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 7/24/09)

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Best of Best

Reading 67 Overlooked Freelance Writing Niches
Great ideas!

100 Inspirational Posts to Make You a Better Writer

Good post with a list of 25 book blogs [and how to pitch bloggers]

Top book marketing posts from @TonyEldridge

Stand Alone

Some people write great books but not killer queries; I give the sample pages more weight than the letter.

A good memoir requires all the writing ability of fiction, and all the platform & marketing of nonfiction.

DON’T say “the book gets exciting in chap 5” or “the pace picks up toward the end.” Make it shine from page 1.

do not put in a query that you are still editing and revising. it’s so much better if you are done and at work on the next thing

Writers, please research your genres for word count. I can’ t sell a 39K word romance, nor a 165K mystery.

Begging in a query is a real turnoff. “Please give me a chance!”

Requests for fulls/partials, but no agent yet? Go back and work on craft & story. Take your time, get help.

the sign of a really good writer isn’t the first draft, but how well revisions are handled.

“Plot, in fact, is yearning challenged and thwarted,” by Robert Olen Butler. Wish I had said that. Sublime.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Free e-book of interest to writers: How to Write a Great Query Letter by Noah Lukeman

Some great advice for writers [from an agent]! Reading for Research

5 Must-Have Qualities to Become a Top Freelancer (via @designcoyote @DesignerDepot)

Anatomy of a good query letter

Care and Feeding of Editors [for freelancers]

Redlines and Deadlines explains what happens to a manuscript after it’s sold

Outstanding perspective on writing from book cover designer via @eoinpurcell

GREAT post on how to write a good plot summary for a book pitch

Therese Walsh shares The Secret of getting published

Unmissable advice from an agent who says you MUST wait 30 days before chasing a query

Craft & Technique

Bestselling thriller author John Gilstrap discusses the power of the 1st page

Fiction writers, the seven “shoulds” of subplot

Read this because it’s a VERY smart piece about writing.

5 laws of the novelist

An editor offers some very useful tips on how to improve your writing style

Author Holly Lisle’s advice on how to create a character.
(Great guidelines, not rules)

Novel writing: “Six core competencies” (from Men with Pens).

What fairy tales can teach us about writing

How to Add Hooks That Reel Readers In

16 steps to plotting a thriller

How to write your first novel

Avoid these dialogue disasters

How a great story works – By concealing its purpose in entertainment, luring us to the experience

Publishing News/Trends & The Future of Publishing

Are 40% of books pulped? via @moonrat (and why the hell is it allowed?)

A publisher weighs in on delaying publication of an ebook. Interesting discussion ensues.

A review of the ebook timing discussion started by @draccah with my opinions to follow in a subsequent post

Financial Times editor says most news websites will charge within a year (@guardian)

Ebooks are just another container; publishers need to focus on readers because that’s who’s in control

reading Mark Potts’ brilliant Turing Test that every newspaper Web site should – but doesn’t – pass

Printcasting: Web site anyone can put together a magazine with their own blog posts or articles and items from others

Writer burns bridge.


The Top 7 Things Every Aspiring Author’s Website Must Have

Writers & Social Media Fans – Controlling Online Participation is Part of Your Job!

How to market fiction

“Bottom line – value is the one business model that never fails. Even for novelists and bloggers.”

Smart marketing strategies from a YA author who used to work in the Random House Sales Dept.

Authors: YOU are IT when it comes to yr work, sez media guru Bernoff. decide yr objectives & tools.

It really is easy to Podcast your writing

Top 10 Tips to Help Authors Promote Their Books

How to Write a Better Title in Ten Minutes

“What Makes a Story Work” by @chrisbrogan


Tips for Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

How to comment on blogs to promote your book

Twitter on Twitter

15 Kick-Ass Re-Tweet Tips for Writers


10 Stunning (And Useful) Stats About Twitter
(interesting summary)

Five reasons why no one likes you on Twitter (#6: You think there are concrete rules to using it.)

Why I love Twitter: It’s like a #writing conference that never ever ends! And has all the best information, too!

My #followfriday pick is @MichelleRafter because she really *gets* how writers can leverage blogs & social media.

If you’re into freelance writing make sure to check out: @contentrich @LFormichelli @dianaburrell for great tips!

If I could follow only one person it would be @jafurtado. He tweets the most informative links abt publishing.

Online & Offline Resources/Tools

50 Places that Hire Freelance Writers

10 Websites for Book Lovers

Boston writing careers 101: What are the best web sites for writers?

Just found a nice little on-line newsletter with some good articles. Vision: A Resource for Writers

The Writing Life / Philosophical / Inspirational

Writing a novel should be fun though it’s hard. While there are guides, it’s all up to you.

Writers: Take the 1000 A Day Challenge

My new Writing Tips newletter on how to handle criticism

Posted to my blog: Frank McCourt, A Teacher’s Brush with The Teacher Man

6 Talks to Make You Reassess What You’re Doing With Your Life

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