Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 7/17/09)

Twitter, so you don’t have to. Visit each Friday or Saturday for the week’s best Tweets. (If I missed a great Tweet, leave
it in the Comments, or if you want more of a particular category of Tweet, also comment.)

Best of Best

Why do agents turn down good books? Outstanding summary

The Top 10 Blogs for Writers

43 Helpful and Terrific Blogs for Writers

Conference Prep/Networking In A Bottle–AND What You Can Do If You’re Staying Home!

Platform 201 for Busy Writers: @glecharles writes about finding 1,000 true fans

Stand Alone

Don’t respond to a query rejection by saying you know you can sell me on your book over the phone. Convince me with your writing.

Tired of seeing coffee, dreams, weather, beds, alarm clocks, screaming in first paragraph. Everyone does this. Don’t be that writer.

Please don’t spend time in your query telling me how much movie potential your book has.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Agent offers insight in to publishing trends. This is great insider knowledge

New blog by publishing house salesperson – great information for writers

Lessons authors can learn from NY Times bestseller @scottsigler

An agent explains why it sometimes takes them so long to reply and why this is not always a bad thing

An agent [Janet Reid] keeps track of rejections and the reasons why

Interesting post talks about the an author who secured a traditional book deal after good sales on the Kindle

Nunn’s List of Publishing mistakes

Appreciating Rejection Letters – Great post by Betsy Lerner re: an author she rejected.

Book publishing imprints; AgentQuery: “New favorite industry blog”

Must Have Contract Clauses from GenReality

Craft & Technique

Some of the best writing advice on the web: Terry Rossio’s columns

Footsteps to a Novel – Great piece by @Marfisk about the steps in planning & writing a novel.

“Many writers misuse flashbacks”

10 Tips for Kicking Ass as a Freelance Writer by Copyblogger

Ursula K. Le Guin On Rules of Writing

An editor offers some very useful tips on how to improve your writing style

Publishing News/Trends & The Future of Publishing

Enjoyed @andrewsavikas ‘s latest blog post, “Content is a Service Biz” (Reminds me: “Buying the hole, not the drill!”)

Change must happen. Richard Nash; minority getting advances now “we should not weep for them, most were overpaid anyway”

Good summary of the erupting ebook pricing debate


4 Reasons Why Every Author Should Use LinkedIn


This post offer great advice for anyone looking to set up their own blog

Twitter on Twitter

“The Top 5 Reasons Why This Writer Is Staying With Twitter.”


Online & Offline Resources/Tools

Check out: 10,000 free online resources 4 writers

8 Fantastic Blogs for Freelance Writers from @smtwngrl

21 JOB Sites for Writers

I’m starting to think that Scrivener might be the best thing that’s ever wormed its way into my writing toolbox

The Writing Life / Philosophical / Inspirational

“Don’t Try” – Charles Bukowski’s Advice for Creative People

Reading shapes writers: advice to read as widely as possible

The Five Ps of Writing


I just took “Which Crazy Writer Are You?” Try it!
[Note to readers: I scored as Oscar Wilde.]

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