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Best of Best

An Agency Intern on
Prologue Woes


Web Presence Checklist for Authors

Your Character’s Motive Matters


6 Personality Types Who Will Succeed as


Getting Published, Agents/Editors

“Here’s my revision. Will you
read it?” How to submit a new draft to an agent


The Myth of the Evil Editor
sure to read last paragraph—probably the most important point of the

Keys to
winning poetry book contests
, from @Dianelock
@ inkyelbows

The author background check: Cautionary
notes. More good medicine.


Author alert! What you don’t know about
BookScan can hurt you. Good medicine.


data: Edited content increases reader
engagement 30%


White Paper: What Publishers Want


Craft & Technique

A Good Edit Would’ve Fixed


4 Steps
for Organizing Plot Ideas Into a Novel


Janet Fitch’s 10 Rules for Writers

3 ways relationships can reveal your


don’t waste pages on needless dining, bathing & travel scenes

says @LisaGardnerBks

Picking a good character flaw: choose a flaw
that makes the character’s job harder.


9 Expert Tips For Better Writing


News & Trends

Novel: There’s An App for That!
: By David Carnoy

No one knows where – in storytelling – the
centre of gravity lies.
new movies? In the short story? Plays? The novel?

Electronic reading
devices are transforming the concept of a book
(LA Times)

“If book publishers can’t grasp the
opportunities presenting themselves, they’re going to be undercut and


website will be at the center of the transmedia future.
gets the trends right but the headline wrong


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

Writer David Carnoy on giving away
free content, and whether it boosts book sales (Answer: maybe)


What do you do when you feel like your
platform has stopped growing?


12 Ways to Create a Mailing List that Will
Sell Books


Tips for Authors: Be Proactive!


How to Create an Engaging and Effective Bio


to run a DIY book tour


& Blogging

Steps to turning your Blog into a Bestseller
by Pamela Redmond
Satran (@nameberry) who writes from experience

How to use interviews to increase your blog


Social Media / Twitter

Best Book Club Resources on Twitter

my Twitter Chats For Writers


and E-Publishing

a book: 25 things you need to know
[One of the absolute best
articles we’ve seen on topic, from cnet]

Novelist Ransom Stephens used @scribd to
find loyal readers & leverage to negotiate publishing deal


WOW: Murakami Skirts Publishers With
iPad Novel


Almond on Self Publishing


The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

29 Best Selling Authors answer @booktopia’s
Ten Quick Questions


“What took you so
long?” The quiet hell of 10 years of novel writing


Editor & author @andevers launches
the new site @writershouses, celebrating author pilgrimages


The Only 12½ Writing Rules You’ll Ever


Other Link Roundups

Best Articles This Week for Writers 7/9/10
– round-up from @4kidlit


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