Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 7/10/09)

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Best of Best

Do Self-Publishing Services Take Advantage of Writers?
(via @selfpubreview)

10 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (via @debng)

A MUST read blog post about book sales – quality stuff

Want to be a working writer? New blog post about the business of staying published

Knowing Characters by using the Proust Questionnaire

65 Useful Blog Posts for Brand New (and some veteran) Freelance Writers

Stand Alone

When you don’t get your calls returned, that doesn’t mean you are unimportant – usually it means the other person is poorly organized or doesn’t return calls well. The lesson to be learned: Don’t let others shape your view of yourself.

Writers and Bloggers: Finding the time (to write) is not the issue as much as finding the will to do it. -Dave Barry

At ThrillerFest, had intellectual tussle about next ‘big thing’ w/agent Miriam Kriss. She says ‘steampunk.’ If u have any, send it her way.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

What Agents Want: The Same Thing, Only Different

What *every* author should know about Bookscan!

Podcast: author @sethharwood on podcasting to print publishing success

Excellent wisdom on writing children’s books [from editor at Arthur A. Levine]

Craft & Technique

How not to start a story (via JA Konrath)

10 Tips for Creative Writers by Dennis G. Jerz

The Art vs. Craft Gap: a Writer’s Paradox (via @WriteToDone)

A Writer’s Number One Mistake

Conflict—start something

How writing disagreements differs from real-life confrontations by @ElizabethSCraig

Snappy, informative post by @VictoriaMixon: all you need to know about writing a novel in 1000 words.

Some ways to figure out the emotional heart of your story

Editing plastic fake-lip whistles out of your manuscript — great writing analogy/advice by @ElizabethSCraig

Advice on pacing your book’s plot

A very interesting article on getting your first draft done: First Draft Secrets: Five Simple Steps

Publishing News/Trends & The Future of Publishing

Free is wrong for writers; Freemium might not be

The Book Buying Industry is a Mess

A very long, but interesting & thoughtful look at the future of print books


Why Every Author Needs a Powerful Online Presence by @MichaelHyatt

Three steps to building an author platform: Get around, get connected, get online.

Interesting post offering six methods to help promote your novel

Good author resource from Berrett-Koehler on managing and using Amazon

Do’s and Don’ts of promotional emails, for authors and publishers–good post from Shelftalker blog

Just posted: Marketing is a service, a breakthrough point of view


8 Blog Tips from Tim Ferriss


Self publishing is not Print On Demand (via @BubbleCow) BUT POD is a fantastic option for people!

Twitter on Twitter

How I Tweet — FAQ by @chrisbrogan. A really awesome guide for Twitter etiquette.

Online & Offline Resources/Tools

Resources for the Beginning Novelist

The Writing Life / Philosophical / Inspirational

“Eat, Pray, Love” author muses on creativity. Captivating.

Silencing the Voice That Says You’re a Fraud (WSJ –a must read for writers!)

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