Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 6/5/09)

Twitter, so you don’t have to. Visit every Friday for the week’s best Tweets. (If I missed a great Tweet, leave
it in the Comments, or if you want more of a particular category of Tweet, also comment.)

Best of Best

Essential for writer: Interview with HarperCollins editor,
part 1 & part 2

One-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft to Last in One Cycle []

Everything you need to know about writing successfully by stephen king

A Forgotten Key to Blogging Success

i love this post by @JeremiahTolbert:
5 Writing Lessons I Learned from Pixar

Stand Alone (no links)

Ideas are like falling love. First drafts like marriage (commitment!) Revision is marriage counseling. Make it work!

“Don’t be a writer. Writing is an escape from something. You be a scientist.” —Sinclair Lewis

AGENT OBVIOUS TIP OF THE DAY: Have your material ready to go *before* you query.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

What not to say to editors and agents (by CEO of Thomas Nelson)

Advice from an agent on how to pitch your memoir

Just posted a blog entry: Top 10 query mistakes (from agent)

One man’s (agent’s) thoughts on submission etiquette

How to create an instant best-seller

What it takes to get published, here is the magic formula. (Thanks to @johnkremer)

4 traits of successful children’s book writers

Craft & Technique

Writing the 1st novel

Writing refresher: The worst punctuation crimes

Breaking your dialogue up more naturally – by @RGregoryBrowne

Using outlines in fiction or not, or both

What your first 5 pages say about your entire book

How to be a good critiquer

Every scene needs to accomplish something. Give your characters a goal


Great post everyone should read: 9 Ways People Respond to Your Content Online (by @UpbeatNow)

Podcast: Iggy Pintado on How Authors Can Use Connection 

Author 2.0 Model explained – make money from free products

How to find the right focus for your blog. Ask yourself these 3 questions

Online & Offline Resources/Tools

As promised, 5 More Must-Follow Bloggers for Aspiring Writers:

Common Errors in English

Philosophical / The Writing Life

Should creative writing be taught? from New Yorker

How Dreaming at Night Inspires Famous Writers

To Succeed at Writing, Develop a Thick Skin

The Cycle of Creativity and How to Ride It

Characteristics of productive writers [short version: do it]

Reading about writing never creates a good author, from @JackwRegan

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