Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 6/26/09)

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Best of Best

Why New Novelists Are Kinda Old, or, Hey, Publishing is Slow
by @scalzi

Book publicist reveals one key thing publishers look for before considering your book

The Seven Deadly Writing Sins

Where will we be in five years?

Giving ebooks away for free increases print book sales

If you only read one marketing post ever, read this one – 1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly

Writing Roads: Authentic Trumps Agreeable

36 Free EBooks for Writers by @PacificBlue

Stand Alone

Writing tip 21: Agonize over your 1st story only after you’ve written your 10th, your 10th after your 20th.

I have a number of valuable business contacts that I ‘found’ on Twitter. It is a serious tool in day-to-day business life.

A poet once said that handwriting connects the pulse of the heart, down the arm, to the fingers, to the pen, to the page. #writechat

Q. What exactly is a pitch? A. Think of it as back-cover text of your book. Whatzitbout? Whozitfor? Whoyou? Whycare?

No need to note your “copyright” on manuscript. Legally unnecessary (is © as soon as you write it down) and looks amateurish.

No need to “design” your manuscript w/clip art & unusual fonts. The point is the text, not a fancy title page.

Overheard: Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are merging together: “”

“If you want to build an online community it can’t be about you.” Says @calilewis

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

A behind-the-scenes look at the process of choosing a bestseller – Inside publishing!

How hard is getting published anyway? (via @jackiebarbosa )

Why your book does NOT have to be the next big thing to sell (from agent Rachelle Gardner)

How to pitch your book (to agents/editors) with a single email

Two things to read: 7 things learned in writing a novel and a successful query

All aspiring writers need to read this right now

Researching Literary Agents = a step by step guide!

Should you self-publish?

Why I chose to self publish

App-onomics: How To Succeed In Publishing

Real Simple’s Life Lessons Writing Essay Contest

Craft & Technique

Ernest Hemingway’s Top 9 Words of Wisdom

Learn writing from the masters

John Grisham studied structures of bestsellers to create page-turners

Against the Wind: How Not to Write a Boring Story – Great writing tips from @RGregoryBrowne!

When to cut something out of your manuscript

Joss Whedon on Writing Strong Female Characters

What is left unspoken between your characters?

Check out this week’s Fix-It Friday revision tip from @sarazarr

8 ways to make your protagonist more memorable

Looking for good advice on how to start that novel? We enjoyed this (from Holly Lisle)

Passionate comma placement by @blognerd

Publishing News, Trends, Opinions

Essay about the pitfalls of memoir (LA Times)

Tired of the cynicism in self-publishing


How I Sold My Book by Giving it Away. Excellent piece by crime writer @SethHarwood

Essential reading for writers: You MUST help sell your book (from agent Rachelle Gardner)

The author as performer

Astoundingly useful research about readers using authors’ websites

27 Things to do Before a Conference from @chrisbrogan – fab!

listen up – @JeremiahTolbert comments on the curious science of what makes a story podcastable

The 6 levels of engagement in online communication (mindless to existential)

How to create a pen name by @procrastwriter

50 things under $50 to promote your book!

Twitter on Twitter

10 Ways Twitter Can Help Writers

My 140conf talk: Twitter as a Publishing Medium (video and transcript)

Twitterature: 19 Year-Olds Score Twitter Book Deal

Online & Offline Resources/Tools

The Write Network – Collected blog articles about writing

Enjoying all the great info and advice for writers here


List of ebook websites for publishing and reading
[Comprehensive look at digital publishing retailers, content, readers, and options]

The Writing Life / Philosophical

Great perspective from @austinkleon in “How Should Creative Writing Be Taught?”

“Watch How I Spend My First 20 Minutes Online Every Morning” says Problogger

“Use talismans for inspired writing” (I keep a pile of bills within view)

Space apart your email collection to get some work done.

don’t forget why we do it

Achieving the dream

3 P’s of writing


McSweeney’s spoof–college class syallbus: Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era

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