Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 6/25/10)

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Best of Best

Urgency vs action in your writing

Memoir tip: lose the play-by-play

Improvement Is Inevitable: The Lesson of Stieg Larsson

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

What to put in your query bio if you have no credentials


& Technique

I found this article by @p2p_editor on *why* stakes work so interesting and helpful

Can you define ‘inciting incident’? Think again

How to throw out your 65,000 word WIP – And Use The BEST BITS To Build a Better One

Resources for writing memoir

Perfect characters are boring but why would a smart character make a dumb mistake?


News & Trends

“Ad agencies are using ‘story’ in far more innovative ways than pubs… and with alarming velocity and success.”

Blurring Line Between Amateur and Professional



Platform Building, Self-Promotion

Do You Have a Marketing Plan, or Do You Have a Business Plan?

How to find journalists online and wow ‘em with your pitch

& Websites

Should You Monetize Your Blog? A Few Things to Think About

Social Media

5 More Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog From LinkedIn. More top tips from John Chow.

Still haven’t tried a twitter chat? Read this primer, then dive in



and E-Publishing

Why Robin Sloan is the Future of Publishing (and Science Fiction)

Analytics—another reason to self-publish at Feedbooks

Top 8 Cover Design Tips for Self-Publishers

Self-Publishing Basics: Understanding Book Discounts


& Online Tools

Best Online Fiction Writers Directory

OUTSTANDING: Great tool for free online conversion of .pdf documents to MS Word or text. All hail @bodiegroup

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

Fiction is no longer a vocation. It has become a profession + professions are not characterized by creative mischief.

5 Things You Don’t Need To Sell Your Art (And 5 Things You Do)

Others Doing Best Tweets

The best Tweets for Writers this week!


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4 thoughts on “Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 6/25/10)

  1. Cheri Laser

    Good morning, Jane. This is the best and most comprehensive list of absolutely every important, relevant writing/publishing topic this week! Thank you so much. My bus ride into New York City tomorrow is now fully planned. Have a great week! –Cheri

  2. Molly Campbell

    I just love this. I check it weekly. If there is any way that I might be included as a writer sometime in the future, I would be thrilled. Thanks for doing this for all of us writers out here in the cyberworld!