Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 6/12/09)

Twitter, so you don’t have to. Visit each Saturday for the week’s best Tweets. (If I missed a great Tweet, leave
it in the Comments, or if you want more of a particular category of Tweet, also comment.)

Best of Best

Adorable AND valuable – 5 Things Sesame Street Can Teach You About Breakthrough Blogging

Just compiled a writing advice database of past posts
@NathanBransford (literary agent)

Writing revision checklist for fiction 

Love this post: Top Ten Things I Know About Editing

20 Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers

Stand Alone (no links)

Better than great sales or bestseller lists are letters from readers saying your book reflects their lives & makes them feel relevant.

Idea: Use a Facebook Fan page or group to give away knowledge and tools. Be a resource. <LOVECAT think: Knowledge networking>

“It’s nearly always better to resist the urge to explain.”
—Renni Browne and Dave King

Social networking is about building relationships BEFORE you ask people to represent you, buy your work or offer you a contract.

“Tell almost the whole story.”

“There’s nobody out there waiting for it, and nobody’s going to scold you if you don’t do it.”

@thecreativepenn and @mariaschneider routinely dig up great things on the web for writers, and are worth following.

Writing Tip: Make your writing reader-centric: always answer the implicit or explicit “What’s in it for me?” question.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Should I send a revision to agents currently looking at my work? You know you’ve had the urge

Should you query now or wait to meet an agent at a conference? @RachelleGardner gives some insight

7 reasons manuscripts are rejected & how you can avoid it

E-Publishing reality

Done writing? Tips for hiring an editor

Publishing Comparisons (POD vs. POD)

Considering a pen name? The pros and cons.

Craft & Technique

Weekend Writing tip: Plan Through Character
(includes worksheet)

On Genre-Based Critique Groups: Helpful but Not Mandatory

Some lunchtime reading for any writers out there: “Writing: The power of three

Plotting by Elimination

Podcast with lively discussion about editing.

Great writing podcast by three authors (one writes fantasy, the other horror, the other webcomics)

Setting as a Character – agent Maass on writing mythic significance into the landscape

“Just say no to dialect, y’all”

Keeping your dialogue lively by @RGregoryBrowne

Learn about point of view in fiction writing


 … a new talk, on plotting and springing surprises in novels (by Arthur A. Levine editor)

Publishing News, Trends, Opinions

TIME: Amazon defining the future of publishing


Author Christina Katz @thewritermama with platform ideas and mistakes

Building an Author Platform (Video)

A pain free method of self-promotion

Twitter on Twitter

Some deep insights into twitter in this post by @cheeky_geeky. Really thought-provoking.

USA Today on the art of writing on Twitter (and Facebook):

Why Writers Should Use Twitter

Note to writers: Twitter may be a better platform than a blog.

The grand unveiling: The Smashwords Writer’s Digest ad, written by your tweets (and yes, winners inside the ad)

Online & Offline Resources/Tools

Five sites to get free books

The 50 Best Books on Writing Fiction

Sunday writers links  (Thx @le_shack !)

Detect Plagiarism on the Web by @CathyStucker 

The Writing Life / Philosophical

Writers: Are you indispensable?

How to be a more successful writer – by thinking like an entrepreneur.

Just blogged about 3 things John Cleese taught me on unleashing creativity at will

“Listen Up, Old School Journalists” (via RecessionWire)


Actual student comments in writing workshop from McSweeney’s  -hilarious!

NY Times map of publishing industry natural selection of logos

The Top 15 Bad Romance Novel Opening Lines (giggle!)

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