Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/7/10)

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Digest webinars:

Twitter to Boost Your Writing Income by professional freelancer

Beyers on May 14.

to Podcast Your Fiction by author Seth

Harwood, on June 24.

Best of Best

Writers, read this! Agent @ChrisRichman on pitches of 25 words or less

Writers! Social media overwhelming? Target key people to help you build a fan base.

The *right* way to attract blog followers

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Common writer mistake: querying just they’ve finished their 1st novel. More advice from @Janet_Reid

Meg Cabot was rejected almost every day for a year (Inkygirl Author Rejection Series)

New blog post @ Writer Beware: why we don’t provide publisher recommendations, plus some advice

Why (Some) Authors Fail

Craft & Technique

Common writer mistake: starting the story in the wrong place. More advice from Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

Writing conversations–how many people should converse at once?

Why Good Writers Avoid Adverbs and Adjectives

One question an editor always hears

Nicknames are pronouns on steroids


News & Trends

Seth Godin has some interesting thoughts on what publishers are doing wrong

Laura Miller of Salon on the REAL reason why so few men work in publishing

Platform Building, Self-Promotion

5 Steps to Create an Amazon Bestselling Book Campaign

What a novelist needs to know about marketing

Do book reviews matter?


and E-Publishing

Three Reasons To Self Publish (And A Big One Not To!)

Interesting discussion: The Fate of Self-Published Works


& Online Tools

Sierra Godfrey’s Google Reader Round-Up
… similar to Best Tweets, this week’s round-up includes 7 deadly sins of first chapters and publishing industry misconceptions
(click through for links)

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

8 lessons that @bluemaven learned at her first writing conference

On Efficiency, Or How To Get Everything Done As A Multi-Tasking Writer

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  1. Simon L.

    Ha! I was wondering why I was getting so many hits and comments on a blog post from a week or so ago. I see you’re responsible for that, good lady. Many thanks!

    *bows* *doffs cap* *remembers he’s not wearing cap* *shuffles embarrassedly*

    *realizes he just used an awful adverb in a comment on the blog of a WD editor* *wonders whether to be mortified* *decides against it*


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