Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/6/11)

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Best of Best

What Works: Promo for Ebooks > More inspirational advice from Joe Konrath

3 Edgy Little Tips to Make Your Story More Compelling

Reasons Behind Self-Published Book Sale Spikes and How I Was Wrong

Getting Published + Agents/Editors

The 3 stages of querying

Great post from @literaticat on what should–and shouldn’t–be in an author-agent agreement

Craft + Technique

5 ways to ruin a good story

The secrets and revelations of a powerful middle act

Writing advice by @iamsusannah: Befriend interesting people, don’t write stupid stuff, create something beautiful.

Narrative conflict vs narrative tension

Publishing News + Trends

How many imprints does Amazon run?

Marketing + Self-Promotion

Writers share 10 ways to self-promote your book


On the Internet, no one knows you’re a backlist book

Social Media

Social Media for Authors: Forever in Search of Buzz (Poets and Writers)

Self-Publishing + E-Publishing

How Self-Published Authors Found Success by Staying Local

Writing Life + Fun

Fascinating discussion on the 7 mental/cognitive costs of trying to do something. What are you going to get done today?

Watch the legendary novelist, critic, and teacher John Gardner discuss writing

Beginning writers: Do a huge volume of work. Set deadlines. Be patient w/yourself.


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