Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/22/09)

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Stand Alone (no links)

“What if…?” + Problem = Concept. Concept + Character = Plot. Plot + Character Change = Story.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Tortured Trilogies
(Why do all fantasy novels seem to come as trilogies?)

Useful description of what and how an author gets paid
(Thanks to Moonrat)

Why pre-pub website is important

To self-publish or not: This is a fine list of the considerations.

Where to Find a Self-Published Book Editor

Craft & Technique

How Do You Learn to Write? Great advice from multi-pubbed authors in my blog comments.

If you are writing profiles, the interview is key 

Writers, do you belong to a book club? Here’s how it can improve your writing skills!

Best kept secret of enduring characters: quintessentialism

The Elegant Art of Writing Less

Until you write the end you will not truly know the beginning

Great recap of a conversation about revision


Author @SherryThomas describes the symbiotic relationship between libraries & readers & how it seeds sales

Build Your Author Platform With Online Forums

Author discovers that dropping price on his Kindle book pushes it up the bestseller list

Twitter on Twitter

Nonfiction Tweets: 70+ Authors to Follow on Twitter

The Twitter Scorecard–for book publishers. Which houses are tweeting and who’s getting the followers? 

Twitter Scorecard from @publisherswkly updated and more thorough is posted at O’Reilly

Exhaustive list of publishers & authors on Twitter

Twitter is changing how publishers do business, 140 characters at a time. 

Trends & Opinions

Kudos to Harlequin for driving innovation, loving their writers & readers

With books, as with just about everything else, the “good old days” never really existed

The top 50 women in publishing share passionate advice

Online Publishers: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

What I learned from my MFA in Writing Poetry


Email out of control? You might want to read my “Yes, You Can Stay on Top of Email.”


Is fiction necessary for our survival as a species? Fascinating article on

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