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Best of Best

Why Professional Writers Need a Blog. Or Not.

Covering essential but possibly boring material in your book (too bad there are no montages in novels)

Why @jonpinnock decided to give his writing away

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

The odds of getting published … and why you shouldn’t care by @HUnderdown

An agent on including your book’s theme in a query


12 Literary Journals Your Future Agent is Reading

Since it’s the writing that’s most important, is there any value in a verbal pitch?


If you are going to talk about a book you have previously written and was published, do it like this: TITLE (Publishing House, Year)

& Technique

Five steps to building a believable character arc

Three steps to a breakout story



News & Trends

Huffpost – The Konrath Effect: Will New Technology Ruin Talented Authors?

Writers, please check The Literary Platform, a great site bringing together all the lit+tech projects

Using WordPress as a Book Publishing Platform

‘It Is Impossible to Monetize Obscurity’

What will be the big digital issues in January 2011?


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

The Pain of Promotion | promoting your own book

Online media kits for authors

Fantastic book marketing: A great example


& Websites

How to Write an Article That Draws Thousands of New Readers

The Secret to Growing Your Blog Twice as Fast With Half the Effort


Social Media

LinkedIn Help Authors Sell Books?



and E-Publishing

Barnes & Noble to Offer Digital Self-Publishing

An author shares her Ebook royalty figures (and how much she spent on promo)

Why Kindle publishing isn’t perfect for first time authors


What Does Self-Publishing Cost: Competitive Self-Publisher


Q&A: Should I self-publish with Amazon’s CreateSpace or Ingram’s Lightning Source?


& Online Tools

7 most important sites for writers (with practical, productive tips)

Jobs/Markets/and Opportunities for Writers

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

Highly entertaining–> Finalists in MobyLives Best Low Budget/Indie Book Trailers (via @Janet_Reid)

Funny but also ouch–> Rejection Bingo, from Literary Rejections On Display


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