Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/20/11)

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Best of Best

How to earn your info dump

7 Pre-Launch Tips for A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Best post on Facebook marketing I’ve read in a very long time from @allfacebook (Very smart!)

Getting Published + Agents/Editors

When your agent shops your book, but nobody’s buying

Is the ebook the new query?

One of publishing’s true greats shares the rejections he received for his memoir

Craft + Technique

How does Jonathan Franzen deal with writer’s block? The answer

So you think you can proofread? Test your skills & appreciate your editor more

An Agent on Interiority vs. Telling

Creating the non-stereotypical character

Characters and the Codes They Hold Dear

Tips on how to choose character flaws that add to your story

Publishing News + Trends

Literary Agents as Publishers: An Accelerating Trend

Kindle Books Now Outselling Print Books: a look back by @rewordnik

To Do Digital Books Right, Writers Will Learn to Talk Tech

Audible launched ACX, a rights marketplace 4 audiobooks that connects narrators & rights holders

Marketing + Self-Promotion

How to Avoid the 5 Pitfalls of Free Content

The Future of Media: It’s Not Piracy, It’s Marketing: Yet another take on ‘Go The F**k To Sleep’


Book Marketing Strategies Found in a Casino

Websites + Blogs

How to Send Visitors Away from Your Website in Two Seconds or Less

The Resume Is Dead. The Bio Is King! – Why you need a great bio & how to craft one

Social Media

20 LinkedIn groups for eBook authors, publishers & readers

Self-Publishing + E-Publishing

Guide to Amanda Hocking’s publishing success – very useful highlights

Neal Pollack in NYTBR: For a writer like me — midcareer, midlist, middlebrow — self-publishing makes a lot of sense

Online Tools + Resources

How to make a Super 8 book trailer with an iPhone & free apps

Writing Life + Fun

The Artist and the Addict


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