Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/15/09)

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Best Tweet

Great discussion on social media for book marketing 


Read @yodiwan on the level of professionalism publishers like to see from bloggers, even amateurs

When will we evolve past “books”?

The future of publishing link list

Do you ever just get overwhelmed by all this change going on?
Why I won’t any more.

Great blog post about whether a writer should post material, such as first chapters, online.

Eight tips about writing, by Flannery O’Connor

NYT on digital book piracy 

Mistaking action for plot

Print reference publishing in the age of the internet

A contrary take on Anne Lamott’s shitty first drafts. RT @MeghnaK: How Good is Your First Draft?

How to “Trigger” your best writing

I am loving Roy Peter Clarks’ writing skills podcasts (iTunes link).

My new Locus column on extremely geeky writing techniques:  (via @doctorow) excellent!

Sketching villains – forget the diabolical laughter and read this  (PDF download)

Embracing the Rewrite: A guest post by writer & all-around cool chick @annabdavid 

great post by Sol Stein on writing character, story, & dialogue:

Tackling character in Fiction: behaviors, desire, sympathy, action, contradiction.

“Editorial Ass” has excellent posts on advice for authors going the big press route. (Yes, you need an agent.)

Learn about the craft and business of writing on our podcast

good post on POV

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